It did no good, but

… I complained to espn. I did note that the Hogs were ranked.

Their response:

Hello Marty,

Thank you for contacting ESPN Fan Support.

I understand your concern. We value the comments and opinions of our fans. Your comments in reference to College Football Live and Sportscenter not mentioning the Outback Bowl results will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.

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Good work Marty! But as we know that might go right to File 13.

It’s history now. What are they going to say “O yes and the Outback bowl was Arkansas 24 Pen State 20 something or maybe it was 10 we’re not sure” Mercy

A lulling letter if I have ever seen one…and I have seen more than a few. They were too polite to say, “don’t contact us again”? Translation: Nothing will be done.

I commend you Marty for speaking up for a whole fan base. Even if it falls mostly on deaf ears.

I listened to the other games Saturday as I headed north on I-75. During the halftimes of the assorted games, no mention of the Outback Bowl. None.

Poor little Arkansas… Had it been an 8-4 Florida playing in that game against PSU, I wonder if it would have been crickets.

Could be because the darling team “Penn St” got their butt kicked.

Good point. Had PSU defeated Arkansas by two TD’s, I doubt it would have been crickets.

On ESPN’s Sportscenter NY night they showed replays of Penn States dumb plays and talked about them barely mentioning the Hogs victory. Typical…no surprise from those nuts.

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