It appears

Texas might be getting interested in Hog WR commit De’Vion Warren.

So UT likes Warren and are DE James…

And Michigan St like are WR from Lake Travis…

Happenes every year! I bet we are starting to “like” some others committed else where.

Recruiting , so much fun!

They r working their B list in hopes of stealing our A list guys

That can’t be right. He’s just a 2 star. He’s a really good football player but he’s just a 2 star so you must have some bad intel there.

24/7 has Warren as a 3* and ESPN has him as a 4*…but UT is scrambling…Strong left Herman with 8 commits and the #60 ranked class according to 24/7…they are likely looking at all options at this point.

Interesting they are on Warren, but not Barkley who lives in Austin. Wonder if he may be added to their list as well?

More and more schools are looking hard at Barkley. Obviously Michigan St just offered. I expect more.

At this point, I’d say anything is possible for them…they are in a hole and Herman is going to have to scramble to get out of it…he’ll likely see what kind of reception he’s getting from some of his A list guys and then circle back around to guys like Warren and Barkley if he can’t close on the bigger ones this late in the process…just a guess

As of last night Texas has not reached out to Warren. I’ll check in from time to time to see if things have changed.

It could be that De’vion Warren prefers to play offense and is the type QB Herman likes and uses. At Arkansas he would be used as as a receiver or in the secondary. He was sensational as a run-first QB at Monroe. He can also pass effectively. It would be hard to turn down a chance to be the QB at Texas.

Don’t see him being offered as a QB.