It appears

I feel pretty certain this means Bella Fontleroy.

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Confused…does this mean Bella committed to Baylor?

Collen is the coach at Baylor.

What is this thread about?

My bad. I don’t really know who’s who in women’s college basketball coaching. I thought all along that Bella would be a Razorback. I hate it for Nabes if she ends up at Baylor, but he’s still got a great squad, with or without her. Go Hogs!

No problem. Sorry was in between the Carson Wiggins commitment when making the post.

It’s officially Baylor

Is Nikki Collen the wife of former hog coach Tom Collen?


RD did this surprise you? Always seemed like she was pretty high on Arkansas. I realize Baylor is a traditionally great program but they have a new, fairly unproven coach.

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Yes it did.


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