It appears the Mets won't sign Kumar Rocker

They are claiming medical reasons. Rocker’s Doctors disagree with the Mets’ findings. The contract has to be signed by 4PM CT.

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Rocker not signed by the Mets. No wonder he dropped down in the draft. He just didn’t seem like a top ace pitcher his last few games.

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The Mets think he has physical arm troubles. Maybe rotator cuff.

Why did the Mets draft Rocker? If they suspected he had arm problems why did they draft him? Were they not able to check him out before the draft?

It would not surprise me if Theo Epstein became the President of the Mets. He helped Boston and Chicago turn their franchises around.

I wonder what Rockers next step is? Find another team or return to Vandy?

Rocker’s agent is Scott Boras, so you knew team Rocker wasn’t going to budge in contract negotiations …… even if there really is a minor health problem.

Returning to Vandy would (likely) be an even bigger financial loss than accepting the Mets’ “discounted” offer.

Rotator cuff is a tough deal.

I wondered if there were not issues as I watched him take longer between pitches in the tournament.

MLB has an MRI thing before the draft. Rocker skipped it. I think now we know why. Boras thought he would be drafted and signed without it, and then the team would be stuck.

Boras said the MRI from last year is the same as last year but that does not mean there are not issues.

That assumes Boras is telling the truth on the MRI.

I hate to hear it. Kid had such a bright future. I hate seeing anyone lose out on that because of injury.

Young guys today who are pitchers have, in many cases, arms which are much older than their chronological age because they have thrown so many pitches due to playing travel ball and such since they were little kids. I think kids who play more than one sport are much better off, for many reasons.

When I was a child many years ago, we played 20-25 games in the summer and stopped about August 1. These kids today play 60-70 games in the summer or more, sometimes playing fall ball. Their arms are old before their time.

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I think what you saw in the CWS is a drop in velocity from early in the season. Something was going on. Heck, if the Mets hadn’t taken him, he might have dropped a bunch more.

I started noticing that Rocker was not the same pitcher the 2nd half of season he was the First. It really started to show up in Sec Tournament and CWS. I feel sorry for the young man.

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