It appears that there are only 19 football commits now...

I asked Coach Bielema this morning on the SE Teleconference about the 20 commits and what he needed to get for the final few spots.

His answer:

“You have one more than me so I hope I get good news soon,” Bielema said.

While I am not sure who the one that is no longer on the list, Richard and I have confirmed that there truly are just 19 right now.

We do know that Arizona Western tight end Jeremy Patton is still one of the 19. He is making an official visit to USC, but we are told by both sides of the equation that he is still very much going to be a Razorback and he and his family are just getting in a free trip. Arkansas has approved it.

I am sure that the name will come out sooner or later, but we are not going to speculate.

One other note - Coach B made it clear that he might not fill all 25 unless it was with great players.

He mentioned having one open for a grad transfer, which has been a route Arkansas has used the last few years.

Is it that one de-committed, or that an offer was pulled? Seems like that could be a possible situation if bad character was showing up.

Not answering ur question, but I’ve never heard of CBB pulling a schollie. Could be wrong.

Wonder why it’s a secret??

Very rarely do they drop a kid, but it has happened at times due to grades, etc

I would expect that they are allowing the kid to find a new place without it being a big deal

Good observation

Has CBB done a interview on the Missouri game?

Thx, you must be from Stuttgart rice?

Nope, not at all, Jonesboro.

Oh ok