It appears JCP might be promoted

wow, well guess we can tell our HC candidates they will have a boss if they come on board.

She must really be running the Point!

So we fire a recent National AD of the Year and former playoff committee chair with Condi Rice, to this?

A combination of promoting her to permanent position coupled with perceived whiffs on top coaches in play over next several days and our fans might make TN situation look like child’s play if BOT isn’t careful.

Unbelievable. Time to focus on Steinmetz.

I always felt that Long was a fine AD. Would I like him to have had better hires in a couple of situations? Yes. Would I like him to have a stronger personal warmth? Absolutely. Did he do what was needed, post-Broyles? Yes, pretty well.

Long had weaknesses that he built up over his decade as AD. He outlasted my expectations by about 7 years.

I am fine with another AD. Probably ten times more people qualified to do that than be a playoff-level football head coach.

Steinmetz is NOT the problem here. He is a great chancellor, as best I can tell. The academic side of UA do not deserve the stupidity of sports fans to overrun what happens in the classrooms of the flagship university.

I agree with you Oklahoma but Razorbacks are so much of states identity it is hard to reconcile those two as everyone attaches high regards to both.

Surely not ,Amazing, If true, he needs the next one to go!!!

I was told a couple of weeks back that the chancellor thinks highly of Julie. She’s ready for an AD job and would keep other pieces intact within the department, so it would not surprise me if she is given the permanent role.

That said, I did not read Wally’s tweet as saying she is the target or a leading candidate. It’s more of a hypothetical scenario, in my view.

Yes, at the time of Wally’s tweet, there was discussion about several search firms getting money and recommending the interim. Basically taking money and say take the interim off. Hell, I could do that and would probably be a LOT CHEAPER

I would have zero complaints if JCP gets the permanent gig. She seems to get Arkansas maybe a little better than JL did. I understood that JL needed to fix a lot of things which ticked off the GOBN, like raising ticket prices and donation requirements, but they still had to be done.

Someone said on Twitter when we fired Long, the next AD was going to be a sitting duck, because of reasons that Long wouldn’t make (such as the GSD, playing ASU), with the firing of Long, it would make sense to hire someone who was respected, not a lot of experience, but was gonna be on the hot seat as soon as they make decisions. No doubt in my mind, if she is hired, then my comments about her being the scapegoat is 100% correct.

I keep seeing the problem here as the BOT, not Steinmetz, especially if it’s true he didn’t want to fire Long but had that decision forced upon him.

I have no idea if JCP is qualified or not. Whoever is hired has been brought into a pretty sticky situation. I’m not sure I’d want the job right now, but neither do I want the AD to become a hiring carousel. We were fortunate to have stability in that position for decades. Barnhill, then for a short while John Cole, then Broyles & Long. That’s not many for a period covering over 60 years.

I’ve observed that Julie has positioned herself as the opposite to the perception of Jeff. I might be wrong on that, but some instances that made me think it:

  • Jeff seemed to be opposed to playing at War Memorial Stadium; Julie has mentioned her appreciation for the games there.

  • Jeff made the infamous “not a win at all costs” statement; Julie said “we must win games” in her press conference the other night.

  • Jeff was viewed by some as indecisive on coaches; Julie fired Bielema moments after the Missouri game. Obviously some will disagree that she made the decision, which is fair, but she was the one who delivered the termination letter and had the press conference.

  • Jeff was viewed by some as an outsider who didn’t understand Arkansas; Julie has hammered home terms like state, region and culture in her press conferences, and mentioned her ties to the state growing up.

Spending 75k to assure you hire the right person, whether it’s JCP or not is absolutely the right thing to do.

That’s chump change to the Athletic department, and you can’t make a bad hire.

That said, remove the interim tag on JCP. She impressed me, and as Matt said, she said everything right that Long said wrong.

She gets it.

Does she get it, or is she repeating what Long didn’t say as to not piss off fans?

A smart person can learn from another’s mistakes.

I’d bet you she’s a smart person.

Eric Wood, who now is essentially the No. 2 at UCF, told me, “She’s a natural communicator and one of the smartest people I know, period, not just in this industry.” … ollege-sp/

I have absolutely nothing against her being promoted. She has seemed to say the right things that JL didn’t say. It’s just sad that a competent AD such as Long was judged on that infamous “not win at all costs” statement that many took out of context. I will always believe Long wanted to win as much as anybody else, but he did not want to break the rules to do so. But those who did not like Long or whom he had alienated from the program used that quote negatively against him. That being said, what’s done is done. Let’s move on to the next AD, which may very well be JCP.