It always amazes me

I have to say. It always amazes me how quick fans are to give up…and yet we are critical of players at times for not playing with heart. Sure…today felt like a sucker punch and so frustrating just to feel like we gave away another win. Surely at some point these things have to even out a bit.

But these kids are Razorbacks and I will be rooting for them until we are eliminated from the postseason. I know things don’t look good and it is an uphill battle…but we are the fighting Razorbacks…and we don’t quit!!

Nothing wrong with being realistic but already conceding these guys can’t go on a win streak and get back in the Dance is not fair to them or the coaching staff. We have to WIN a lot down the stretch…but I have to think when it comes to selection time the committee would consider so many close losses and the loss of Joe at a critical time. JMO.


Not giving up on team at all.

Proud of the fight.

I believe about 4-8 in conference now.

Heading into Florida with other good teams looming.

Anything is possible but losing conference record seems all but assured unfortunately.

That’s not giving up hope. Always a chance for NCAA but seems fleeting at best.

Proud of the fight with short bench this year for sure.

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I think 21 wins is probably the magic number for us. Whether that means winning 5 of the last 6 regular season games, 4 + 1 in the SEC tourney, 3 + 2 in the tourney, or 2 + 3 in the Tourney. Our best chance will probably be in the SEC tournament unless Joe comes back 100% healthy no later than the MO game.

Do teams typically make NCAAs with losing record in conference?

Otherwise you schedule nothing but cupcakes in non conference to pad records.

Yes, if your conference gets at least 5 or 6 teams in. Or, if you make a great run to the championship game in the conf. tournament. Or, you win over 20 games.

And if your NET number is good, which ours would be with 21 wins.

Would love it if we can make that case to get in. Hope we can find a way to 21.

We might be something like 4-9 in conf if lose to Florida.

Not giving up hope

Just seems like a real tough climb.

Yes. In fact it will be close to impossible if Joe is out another 2 weeks. As I said, I think we have at least a shot, if he’s back 100% by the MO game. Our last 5 games are all winnable with Joe in the line-up if we play well. Not saying we will win them all.

If I were guessing, I think we will end up having to win 2 in the SEC tourney, even if he comes back in a week.

Oh, and by the way, this year it looks like the Big 10 could have as many as 4 teams in the tourney with losing conference records. This is, however, an unusual year.

It may be a good idea to look at how the hogs beat their self! With a lead we had the ball. Harris takes the ball into the lane leaves his feet in the air spins and throws the ball to Miss St for a break away layup! That’s not a winning play! From there it’s academic. This game is no different that the way we lost to WKY or any of the other close games that went to overtime. Most of those close loses you could look at free throws missed! Today we only missed 3 free throws. Instead today we don’t value the ball!
Turnovers got us and got us in a critical possession late with the point guard making a really bad pass! Different game same results. Just another close loss by a player making a bad decision!
It’s no difference than Bailey fouling 90 feet from the basket! Teams that make these type of plays don’t win very often.
They are unable to build leads and play from behind. The hero ball late don’t cut it either.

I love this coach but we have at least two players who were here when he got here who are not SEC players. I’m not calling names but two mistakes were made late today that cost the game. Same player. We really mss Joe!

If we are going to blame players while saying we have a great coach, who’s coaching the players? Whom do we blame for continued lack of late game execution? Turnovers? Getting killed on the boards? Fouls? Free throw woes? We can’t praise the coach when winning and blame the players when losing.

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CEM mentioned that in his post game press conference. I’m tired of watching the same mistakes over and over.
Maybe he won’t be back next year to make the same mistakes.

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The last two baskets by MSU would be hard to watch as a coach. The turnover defies logic, spinning in midair and making a semi-blind pass in traffic is at best a very high risk and still might not have been consequential, if we had been able to get a rebound.

It will be interesting to see how our Hogs play with a little more size and depth. While I think we are too much one on one oriented, I understand many of the challenges with our team this year, especially with Joe injured. I believe we have the Coach and resources to get there, but it is hard to be patient.

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Swinesong you said it yourself! Players make plays. The coach didn’t foul at a bad time and then make an errant pass for a dunk! That’s not on this coach! Poor execution doesn’t reflect necessarily on coaching.

Sure you can.

I know I blame CEM for that spinning no look stupid pass Harris threw, also blame CEM for that tip in to end the game smh

Harris should never have the ball in his hands at critical times of the games. He does not make good BB decisions. I wish someone would take him on and be a personal trainer for him this off season…If he ever understands just how to use his ball handling skills and his speed he will be special. He also needs to understand what is a good shot for him. It certainly is not from the three line even if he is wide open. Attack the rim young man.

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