It all starts with....

The OL and DL. Both of those units yesterday were beat up badly yesterday. I focused in on both and it was scary bad for us. No penetration on D. A poor passing QB had all day to pick his receivers out. And plenty of running lanes for him and the RB’s for the cowbell crowd.

And our OL - the video of Jackson says it all. Poor Ty and the RB’s.

It starts there folks and yesterday it ended there.

We have to get players in those positions. Men vs. boys yesterday.

Obviously lots of other issues… But it starts there.


all games are won/lost in the trenches and why I love our recruiting so far,we are far behind in getting quality OL in here and that will have to change or it won’t matter who the QB or Wr’s are.

It wasn’t men against boys.

It was men against infants.

I watched the trenches as lot as well.

Scary on both sides.