Issac McBride

I said awhile back I thought he would probably announce his decision around the early the signing period so the school of choice can plan their numbers.

I still think that’s the case. I think he’ll decide soon. I believe it’s Arkansas and another SEC school.

Do you know who the other SEC School is?

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Richard, has he been offered by Muss? If so when would be be eligible?

Not RD, and don’t know if he’s been offered, but he wouldn’t be eligible until Jan 2021

Saw him last night at the Baptist Prep Blue-White game. Looked happy, but playing it close to the vest. He is just too much of a straight-shooter (pun intended) to play games with this decision.

I am keeping hope alive and praying it is not Auburn. I could deal with Virginia or even Tennessee… but not the WDE’s. :see_no_evil:

I now believe it is Hogs, with UVA out of the picture.

With all the other talent we are trying to bring in, where are the numbers for scholarships going to come from? Davis from Jacksonville has committed for 2020. We are after Moody, Robinson, Moore, Williams and Walker, plus others. Does a 6’1" McBride trump some of these guys as a PG?

47% shooter from 3pt range & 90% from FT line. Locking him into a pure PG mold would be shortsighted.

If they sign 5, say:
Moore or Ambrose

Then we’d be one over the limit, if McBride or Walker came in at midterm and took the remaining scholarship and then you signed the five above…they’d have to create two spots.

You would sign McBride and let the numbers work out! That’s my opinion.

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Ditto. My favorite saying.

Richard I have learned by reading your thoughts on recruiting!

I admit my bias… but watching Cole Anthony a little for UNC Monday night was like deja vu from watching McBride up close for 4 years. Certainly not against opponents at that level, but the shooting and extreme unstoppable offensive prowess that Anthony showed was so similar, it was uncanny.

One game last year… Mackey had the opposing teams fans up dancing and spinning around in their seats possession after possession. He is so fun to watch when he goes off. Another game, the young kids among the opposing fans lined up after the game to get his autograph. :grinning: Mackey’s dad was unamused about the autographs… he is a funny dude!

Simple recruiting philosophy:

You do not turn down players who are better than the ones you have and you figure out how to make the numbers work.

Using that philosophy, while there are 4 numerically available, I would say the number is more like 7-8. :sunglasses:

Do we know yet why Issac and Kansas parted ways? Was he going to see the court much this season if he had stayed?

Heard several things but nothing solid enough to report. Just told it wasn’t a good fit.

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Dudley, you heard anything on which way he’s leaning?

“Today, September 20th, 2019, I am leaving the University of Kansas basketball program,” McBride wrote in a note posted to Twitter. “ I decided that the program was not a good fit for me . I will continue to pursue a future basketball career. I would like to thank the basketball staff at KU. Most importantly, I would like to thank my family, especially my dad, who has supported me through this decision.”

“Issac, who we all call Mackey, can play point, but he’s a combo guard who can score,” Self said. “When you watch him, you are so impressed with his range, quickness and explosiveness and his ability to elevate on his shot. We see him as a guy that can come in and obviously give us depth on perimeter shooting. He is a guy that can just score the ball. We haven’t had too many here like that, a natural scorer. He’s a combo guard that can jump up and make a shot wherever he is on the court.”

“We are all disappointed that Issac made this decision , basically on Tuesday,” Self said through a KU athletics release. “After discussing with his family, everybody came to the conclusion that this was not a good fit. We wish Issac the best.”

Issac McBride withdraws from KU basketball, Bill Self announces

KU basketball has announced the departure of one of its incoming players.

Nothing more than Richard has. Kid plays it as close to the vest as any recruit I have covered in 30-plus years.

What about Ambrose?