Issac McBride update

he said he plans to pray and talk to his family and decide if he’ll take a fifth visit fairly soon. He has plans for OVs to Kansas, Tennessee, Auburn and TCU.

Anderson and Watkins told his dad about the offer and then Anderson spoke to him.

He hasn’t talked to Hog commit and Hawks teammate Justice Hill about the offer yet.

RD I’m guessing he has, but has McBride ever been up for an unoffical or visited campus before at some point?

Off the top of my head I don’t think so.

If he is having to consider whether or not he will even visit, that sure doesn’t sound too good for Hogs. Late to the party maybe? That said, looking ahead it sure looks like big men will be a need. Squeezing out more offers from 13 isn’t easy for MA.

Will post a Q&A with him tomorrow.

Does he actually have a committable offer to KU?

They were saying when he took an unofficial to Kansas a couple weeks ago Self met with him and wanted him to commit. That’s coming from a guy on another board that claims he spoke with McBride’s dad, take that for what it’s worth.

Now, in my opinion, and knowing the caliber of players Kansas takes, and just looking at their most recent developments, his offer is probably contingent on if they miss on a few other players. They just had a 4-star guard decommit and rumors were it’s because they are limited on scholarships and are in a good position for some higher ranked guys. Here’s an article that talks about KU’s current recruitment situation they even mention McBride in the article. This article is probably really accurate on where Kansas is recruitment is at right now, and where McBride is on their list. … oesnt-hav/