Issac McBride update

  1. McBride is not planning to enroll at Vandy until May
  2. He has not signed an LOI yet
  3. And as we already knew, Muss has not offered, so he did not turn AR down

He is a loyal guy, so I am not suggesting he will NOT end up at Vandy… but the DOOR is not even closed and is certainly not bolted up tight. I am not holding my breath, but since AR has also not yet gotten signatures from several of our verbally committed guards, you never know what could happen. I do believe Moody & Robinson are solid though, unless something strange happens.

If he does that, when will he be eligible to play at Vandy?

He is not thinking to do a Kyree Walker and go straight to pro ball, is he?

Probably still not eligible until Jan 2021, but I assume he will apply for a waiver to be able to play starting next season. He should be able to get one after sitting a whole year. And I can’t imagine KU trying to prevent him from getting a waiver, besides them fighting some of their violation allegations (unrelated to McBride’s recruitment).

I do not think he has any illusions of going straight pro, but I do not know that for sure. He is a good student and is taking online classes to not get too far behind in pursuit of a degree. And he picked Vandy for more than just basketball reasons, although playing is way up there on his priority list.

The window for Kyree to go overseas has past. He’s probably enrolling and playing next season at either GA Tech or Arkansas.

I wish we had 14 schollie’s. The young man deserves to be in Fayetteville.

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All 14 schollies will do is have one more player in the transfer portal. Fans want all 14 players to be 4 stars and 5 stars. No way you can keep 14 of thise happy.

Hope things work out for him. Love to see him here where he belongs.

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