Issac McBride offered by Kansas

So happy for Issac. His play in the summer ball has turned heads in a big way. After having no Power 5 offers, the kid now has offers from TCU and Kansas.

Unfortunately for Arkansas, with only one possible scholarship (Gafford) available and needing a big to replace him plus having to bring in Justice Hill, puts Arkansas in a difficult spot.

Is it possible that Arkansas pulled the trigger too early on the Justice Hill offer and now has put themselves in a negative position to get an elite guard. They were at one point recruiting Jahmius Ramsey as well which the number 36 ranked player in his class, that’s a guard…Now Issac McBride is on the rise and Arkansas can do nothing about it because of their need to sign a Big…

Remember Arkansas doesn’t have a scholarship available even for Hill. Beyond that you could chalk this up to “coach can do no right” rule. Coach will get criticized for not offering a player early as much as taking a commitment from a player too early.

In my opinion, not having a scholarship available for McBride is less of or as much of a problem in not having a scholarship available for all of Will Baker, CJ Walker and three other bigs they are recruiting. Someone could say perhaps they should not have signed Ali and Sills and had left their spots open for 2019.

2020 is shaping up to be even more challenging and prone to hindsight review than 2019.

No. They did the right thing.

Justice is a true PG that’s starting to develop the outside shot that will make him more of a complete player.

Great news for McBride. Really happy for him. He can really stroke the ball, and I have a soft spot for shooters.

I will say, though, that KU offer is really, really surprising, if confirmed. McPherson is the only one reporting it right now; I’m sure he got the info from Issac personally. I’ll be interested to see if KU sources confirm it.

As I’ve said on here before, if Issac shows conaistent productivity on the floor besides being able to shoot it, he’ll land somewhere nice. Maybe those things are showing in Vegas.

From what I am reading, Justice Hill seems to be having a very good summer too. His jump shot and range seems to have improved. What is your take on that?

He still has a lot of work to do on his shot—especially considering he’s somewhat undersized.

He’s solid but needs to improve. I wouldn’t base anything off what McPherson says about him. He’s a Hill super super super fan.

I take your word on it Richard seeing I never saw neither play in person or great detail. I like justice film a little I hope he is the pg we need and I hope we sign Baker as well though I believe we messed up by not chasing Ramsey I really like his game

On the Adidas circuit, he averaged 12.5 ppg and 4 apg. He shot 49% from the field and 67% from the FT line, which is encouraging. He shot 27% from three. That FT percentage is most encouraging to me, as his FG percentage can be driven a lot from layups. I think he’s going to be really good for what we need. Jabril Durham type.

I see his role as backing up Harris for a couple of years and grow into his job to maybe take over the primary PG spot once Harris finishes up eligibility. Hopefully he can get his FT percentage into the 80s. I don’t think they will look for him to score as much.

Georgetown is showing strong interest.