Issac McBride in-home update (story added)

Justice’s stated goal is to be the best point guard that has every played at Arkansas.

Doesn’t sound like a full-time football player.

I’m not even sure he is going to be a part-time one.

That was my thought as well, the offer just seemed forced. Looks like they’ve preferred Justice. Which CMA likes guys that are blue collar that play the defensive side of the ball first and like to get teammates involved, and that’s exactly what Hill’s game is, not saying they didn’t like McBride’s but he’s more of an undersized scoring guard, we have guards on campus rn in Joe, Embery, and Jones that are going to be able to score for us.

I’m way more concerned in we get to come behind Gafford. We have been in good shape for awhile now w/Portis, Kingsley and Daniel. I don’t think Henderson is built to be a true 5.

I wish I had as much confidence in Henderson and Ali filling Gafford’s shoes as some of you do. I’m not even sure they can carry his shoes, much less fill them. I like McBride as a player and person. If he goes anywhere but another SEC school, especially Aubrun, I will root for him. In my mind however, what we really need is another quality Big. I don’t care where he comes from, JUCO, foreign, prep school, grad transfer or late blooming high schooler, that has to be THE priority in my mind.

Henderson isn’t a 5. Chaney can play the 5.

Respect your opinion, but I see Henderson developing into a 5. We will see. Won’t be the first time I am wrong.

Agree with your second paragraph.

People always get mad at me when I say that. And tell me Chaney is strictly a 4. I think he will be used very similar to how Trey Thompson was used as far as where he gets his minutes, which is he will be the primary back-up for Gafford while also playing a little bit at the 4 spot when they go big. I think Bailey and Gabe will get the vast majority of playing time at the 4 spot.

I can see that in the way Grant Williams at Tennessee plays the 5 even though he is around 6’7. Very similar to Corliss with the huge frame and long arm (still talking about Williams).

I’m excited to see Chaney play, haven’t had someone like him since Marshawn Powell.

Marshawn had range on his jumper. He could knock down 3s. Can Chaney?

Sounds as if Auburn is no longer in play for McBride. WHEW!

KU and UVA seem to be the only 2 left standing, with only an official visit to KU on the schedule.