Issac McBride in-home update (story added)

He said the visit went very well and the coaches stressed how he could play the one or two and could help the program.

He will make a decision pretty soon on whether to take an OV to Arkansas.

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Jeez that is a terrible picture of him. I would not be happy if I were him.

He wore glasses throughout his ninth grade season to the best of my memory.

Not sure why that makes it a bad picture.

Bill Self made it to practice today.

Bill Selph made an in-home Tuesday I was told. Insiders saying Kansas or Virginia.

Would really be interesting to know how us joining the party late has effected our chances with him. I know he is saying the right things but…

Depends on what “late” means. If when you make the offer is the measurement, we were the last to offer but it was not like it was a year after Kansas. If having a relationship is the measuring stick, we were there first right from his freshman season. He knows our coaching staff better than other coaching staffs. I am sure RD will agree with that. They have been watching him and Connor Vanover and staying in touch with them at Baptist for a long time.

Still late in terms of offering compared to when everyone else did when he “blew up” this summer. Dudley even touched on it in the interview with him, which is why I brought it up.

Lynnsannity should have his name changed to Basketball Elmo

Only name change I’d ever really considered at this point is “.10000” since i hit on the majority of my takes and you should see my sports betting record. Straight fire son.

LOL, why do you keep saying that in every thread, just because you say that doesn’t mean it’s true. You just make up stuff and run with it, then when you get called out and someone asks you to actually prove what you say you move to the next thread and rinse and repeat. I’m still waiting for you to name the “10-12” players the coaches offered for 2019 and kids cut them from their list, and also still waiting on your “40-45” list of coaches that are better recruiters than our staff. Oh and FYI, if nobody every agrees with any of your points and your points always get debunked, your probably not hitting anything but people’s nerves.

I would love to see him in a Hog uniform, but all things considered, I would have a really hard time not being swayed by UVA (Bennett and the ACC) & KU (Self).

I am not going to get stressed out over class of 2019. We are all set to replace Gafford with Ali and Henderson. We are well stocked at guard. If McBride comes, that is gravy.

With the well stocked roster, I cannot see us landing an out of state 4 or 5 star, given profile of the program. Need to make at least Elite Eight before we fill the last spot with an out of state star player. Let’s get real.

We have a solid coach with trustworthy recruiting approach. I am convinced if they have a violation, it will be due to an oversight. Just sit back and relax. Save the stress for the class of 2020.


Ten Thousand?

Agree 100% with everything you said. We could end up just signing Justice Hill in the fall and then Javon Franklin in the Spring and I’d be fine with that. TBH, I think the most important thing for the staff to do this Spring is retain the players that’s already on the roster, and not lose more than 1 or 2 to transfer. We have some guys like Joe, Chaney, Embery, Phillips, etc. that are think will be future all SEC guys. They remind me a lot of that big class Tennessee brought in a couple years that featured Grant Williams all of those guys were high 3-star guys that fit what Barnes wanted to do, now they are now projected to be the best team in the SEC. Each and everyone that’s signed in the 2018 class fits exactly what CMA wants to do, and I think when it’s all said and done this will be the class we look at that put Arkansas basketball back on the map.

And back on the subject of McBride, I just got a chance to listen to his interview with RD. After listening to that I don’t think there’s much of a chance he ends up a hog (hope I’m wrong). But, one thing that stuck out to me was when RD asked him what was some of the questions he asked the staff he asked them why was he offered so late when they offered other guys right on the spot. By other guys I’m assuming he’s talking about Justice Hill. Seems like he’s really holding onto that and feels like the staff didn’t do him right. Which there’s two sides of that, Justice Hill at the time of his offer and commitment was by far the best prospect in-state for the 2019 class and people were projecting him to be on the the top PG’s in the country at the time, believe future 150 rated him as a high 4-star at the time. McBride was relatively unknown at the time. Also, the fact the staff has been coming at him hard and he’s still unsure he will even visit us, let’s me know he’s probably moved on from the Hogs, but still entertaining the staff just because they are the in-state school. If he doesn’t come to Arkansas I’m rooting for him to go to Kansas over Auburn. We’ve seen in the past in-state kids that go elsewhere seem to find their way back to the hogs after a couple years.

Hey when you are good you are good big dawg. Gonna have to get you and RD some slick nicknames. I’ll think on it.

McPherson is now reporting he’s no longer considering the Hogs. Not a surprise after listening to that interview.

But you put a decimal point before 10000. That makes it very bad, doesn’t it?

Haha good catch. Move that decimal over a bit player. Keep me on my toes!

We shall see how much this comes to bite us (especially if Justice goes football full time), however the need we have is for big men and wings - not guards.

He blew up so much this summer that they were forced to offer, but I don’t think the staff’s heart was in it.