Issac McBride drops 58 points Saturday

Not sure how many saw the report Steve Sullivan did last night on KATV, but here is a LINK:

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For a little more info, below are Issac’s shooting stats for the game:

3PT - 71.4 % - 10 out of 14 (with one miss rimming out at the buzzer from half court that would have sent the game to OT) (I can also tell you that on two of his misses he got fouled in the act with no call. He also had two 3 pointer AND 1’s.)

2PT - 67.7% - 6 out of 9

FT’s - 88.9% - 16 out of 18

Effective FG % = 91.3% (2pt FGM + 1.5*3pt FGM / FGA)

That’s 58 points on only 23 Field Goal attempts!!! I was there, and still would have guessed he shot at least 30 times.

I can post a link to a really cool music video (highlight reel) of all 3 Baptist Prep games my oldest son made while at the Hoops for Hunger Tournament, if anyone is interested.

If he works on his shooting he has a chance to be pretty good.

We’ll end up regretting this one.

Probably, but the teams all came running in July after his AAU performance.

Whatever it was, everyone except small schools were hesitant to offer.

If Kansas and the others had offered back when he was a sophomore, then I would put more blame on the Arkansas staff.

His former Baptist Prep coach and current Little Rock Central head coach Brian Ross could only come up with the fact that he was a short 2 guard and schools were not set on him as a PG.

I started this thread on the recruiting board because I am still holding out hope that he might wear a Hog uniform one day!

But, I will be pulling for HIM as a Jayhawk even if that never happens.

The biggest problem for me wasn’t that we didn’t offer before the big dawgs did, my problem is that we offered soooooooo long after they did. At least 6 weeks if not two months. It made no sense to me and virtually gave us no shot of even getting involved with him.

It’s like what were we waiting on? We saw him put on the same show in Vegas that all the other elite coaches did.

According to Issac, his offers going into July were Arkansas- Little Rock, Arkansas State and Abilene Christian.

As of Aug. 2, Kansas, Oklahoma State and TCU all offered.

Arkansas offered McBride on Aug. 30.

While I thought Arkansas should have offered in late July, it became evident during August that Arkansas was going to have one more scholarship open.

It shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure that one out without me getting in trouble by talking about it.

We are on the same page here DD.

McBride should provide good entertainment on this board during the 2019-20 season.

Malik Monk is behind us, KeVaughn Allen would have graduated by then, Chris Beard issue will get old by then, so McBride will be poised to become Board favorite by then. I can see a new weekly segment showing comparison of Justice Hill vs McBride stats.

There’s no doubt Issac’s height played a role in his late offers. Not a lot of shooting guards his size.

It completely went over your head what Dudley was trying to say, you just read and bolded that part that fit your agenda. If you would have finished reading the sentence it’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together and understand what happened.

Do what? Just letting DD know I’m not arguing here, I agree. I don’t have an agenda, but I do have an opinion.

opinion vs. agenda topic.

You stated it was your opinion that we should have offered McBride earlier than we did.

After a couple back-and-forths with Dudley, he also stated that we should have offered earlier. But he then went to hint that there was(were) a(some) very good reason(reasons) why that did not happen.

Blu observed that you were quick to highlight that Dudley agreed with your position (the “What”), yet completely glossed over the rest of his post (the “Why”). It was Blu’s opinion that focusing on the “What” while ignoring the “Why” was indicative of your agenda.

And here’s where I tend to agree with Blu.

What I’ve noticed about your posts concerning CMA and his staff is that your tendency is weighted more to the critical than the positive (or even neutral). So in this instance, when one observes you focusing on the “What” (because it supports your position), while ignoring the “Why” (because it takes away from your position) … combined with the rest of your body of work, you come across as having an agenda.

Please let me be clear, here; I have no interest in debating your position (to which you are 100% entitled). But let me also be clear that you DO SEEM to have an agenda … and that is that the UofA basketball program would be much better off with a different coaching staff.

Bottom Line: Stating a position is an “opinion”; frequently repeating the same opinion throughout a body of work is an “agenda.”

I honestly didn’t think I came off that way that often but that’s understandable. I didn’t even realize me and Dudley were “going at it”. I also feel like I just call it how I see it and IMO there are more negatives than positives so I’m sure it reflects that way sometimes.

However, and I think you can admit as well, there are also folks on the other side of the fence where it looks like they have agendas when it comes to being pro MA. And they likely don’t, just like I don’t, but once again it comes off that way.

I couldn’t have said this better myself.

I don’t think you could’ve said it that good. :lol: :wink:

This is where you lose people and you give off the vibe of having an agenda… how are there more negatives than positives, when we have a winning record, and not just a winning record, but when you’re talking about compared to our SEC peers we’ve never had a losing season, and we’re in the top 3 in conference wins since CMA has been here. And that’s not even including playing in the SEC championship game 2 of the past 4 seasons. And he’s done all that in an era where a lot of coaches are cheating. So, when you say things like there’s more negatives than positives, that’s clearly your opinion, but if we bring facts and statistics into the argument and compare where our program is to others, that’s a factually incorrect statement that there are more negatives.

Also, if you’re referring to me as having an agenda for CMA, as I told you in another thread, the thing I love about message boards is they have post history. You can check my post history, there’s been times I’ve been very critical of CMA’s rotations, there’s been times I’ve been critical of his recruiting philosophy, and I know I annoyed everyone on here last year with all my posts asking why is CMA playing Anton Beard so much. Just because someone doesn’t complain and want to bash the coach on every little thing like you do, doesn’t mean we have an agenda for him. I mean you’re seriously in another thread criticizing the man for not redshirting a guy that had a career average of 3 PPG. Just think about how ridiculous that sounds.

I would think both Hill and McBride come off the bench next season behind older guards already in place.

Although obviously Hill has an head start on college.