ISO Joe still balling at 39

35 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists to lead Overseas Elite over Herd That and Jacorey Williams into the semis of the TBT.

In superb physical shape, still doesn’t ever sweat, still making everything look so easy and still has that killer crossover dribble. I swear Joe is so patient on offense, it looks they turn the shot clock off when he has the ball. And I know he does miss, but watching live it seems like he never misses a shot with clock running down?

Watched many high light reels of JJ’s last second shots. Last seconds of shot clock, quarter, half, games. OT’s, Mr Clutch for sure.

I wish he was with my Lakers in the bubble instead of TBT. A case could be made that he is the best former Hog to play in the NBA. 7 times All Star.

I’m pretty sure the richest ex hog to play in the NBA so far. He knew how to get the best contracts.

I always thought he played smooth and relaxed. Just glided. I don’t remember another at Arkansas like him. Keith Wilkes had nothing on Joe.

That $120 million contract you are hitting on is nothing compared to the contracts given out later.

And it was one contract. Don’t think he got any richest contract after that.

I thought he would make Detroit Pistons roster this year. I am surprised he was cut by them. Maybe he has lost a step for today’s NBA. He is a fit 39 but he is still 39.

I was surprised also. He could be a very valuable player off the bench for a play-off contender. A great clutch shooter, who’s also a very good ball handler and passer. Are he and his agent maybe asking for too much money?

Any ex hogs done better?

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