"Iso Joe" and "Joe Jesus" Johnson

Joe Johnson has two nicknames in NBA. The most used nickname is “Iso Joe” for being one of the most prolific 1 on 1 scorers in NBA. And Kevin Garnett gave him “Joe Jesus, he may not come when you want him to, but he is always on time”.

Both nicknames were on full display Saturday night. Iso Joe scored 19 points and then Joe Jesus delivered the last of his 21 points with a buzzer beating bucket as Utah nipped LA Clippers on the road in Game 1 of NBA Playoffs. The win was especially sweet for the Jazz as they lost their all-star center Rudy Gobert 11 seconds into the game,

This is Joe’s eighth buzzer beater in last 10 years, which is NBA best. The next best is LeBron and former Hog signee Andre Iguodala

Joe played a lot of minutes today. Let’s see how the 35 year old comes back in the next game.

Joe had one of those nights where every shot he takes, it looks like it is going in, whether it is a three or a floater or a midrange jumper. BTW, Joe is now #9 in three pointers made in NBA history.

I am not sure Joe got the “Iso Joe” nickname for being a prolific scorer. It came about because of the ball dominating style in which he played in the Atlanta Hawks offense. The offense featured Joe in isolation with the ball for about 10 seconds everytime downcourt on offense.

Correct, that is how he got the nickname in Atlanta. And Joe does not like it for that reason. But the name stuck because he was able to score consistently off the isolation. To Joe it has been a negative, but NBA analysts use the nickname as a compliment.