Isn’t Venables in AR this week for Broyles Awards?

Is he in play?

Maybe be single best coordinator resume in all of college ball and been at the top of two elite programs.

Nope. The Broyles Award finalists are Kevin Steele of Auburn, Tony Elliott of Clemson, Bill Bedenbaugh of Mobilehoma, Troy Walters of UCF, and Jim Leonhard of Wisconsin.

Venables will be there as a past winner.

Yes, Venables will be there. He is coming tomorrow with Tony Elliott, a Clemson assistant who is a finalist this year.

Is Venables interested in our job?

Are we interested in him?


If I had a vote, it would be for Brent Venables. He knows what type of athletes, coaches, facilities and procedures to win national titles and be competitive on a consistent basis. He doesn’t have the head coaching experience but he most certainly has the knowledge of what it takes to be a champion.


I still say with Venables reputation being at the top of two elite programs that high level coaches would fall over themselves wanting to work for him.

Of all of our candidates, no one has seen it done at the highest levels more than Venables.

He may think AR does not attract top talent and that might mean Morris or Norvel more likely.

But if UA made interesting for Venables, it would get one of few people in the country who has seen the top elite teams and national titles and know what it takes.

No on the job training needed.