Isaiah Satenga led nation in receiving yards

I am assuming he belongs on football and not recruiting with his commitment to us that looks real and happening soon


Another Joe Adams type of player?

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Even though a solid 4-star, he’s still one of the most underrated recruits in the country. Surely, he’ll get a big bump in the final rankings by the services. He should definitely be a top 100 overall recruit, if not a top 50. And a top 5 WR.

I am soooo happy he’s going to be a Razorback!


I moved this to the Recruiting board since he is not YET a Razorback.

I get what you’re saying.fingers crossed!!.

exactly who he reminds me of,he will be a starter day one,can’t wait to see KJ unleashing some deep ones to him

He doesn’t have the wiggle that Joe had.

His stride is so smooth he doesn’t look like he’s running that cast but obviously he is that.

There aren’t but one or two ever played had the wiggles of Joe I agree… This kid’s legs are so long it allows him just a glide by people!!

Some kid from Nebraska name of Rogers.


Yeah and some kid from Oklahoma State named Sanders

Those two were awesome to watch, if you weren’t playing them.

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I am having a serious brain fart on this and can see the young mans face but can’t pull out the name from my brain so my apologies Hog family. His stride and long legs look like Jarius (I think) that played with Adams. I see a lot of the same in those two!

physically and speed is very reminescent of Bambi, most especially when he was at AR. There is a Barry Sanders clone, Alex Broome, who is leaving Lipscomb here in Nashville for Boston College. Wears #20 and dominates whether against Oakland (top 10 nationally) or CPA and each has plenty of D1 with some power 5 signees. Better than Eric Gray, the TN transfer to Blow U.

Are you maybe thinking of Cobi Hamilton?

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