Isaiah Sategna

I’m sure its been talked about, but I guess I’ve just missed it. Can someone explain why he is evidently buried on the depth chart when we are struggling so badly getting separation in what is almost constant man coverage.

Speed kills in man coverage.

Is he just not picking up the routes, is he injured, is he in the dog house? What seems to be the reason this very fast young man seems to be MIA. If nothing else he could stretch a defense with a overthrow or two on go routes.

He has an ankle injury.

Thanks for the quick reply Matt, I had been wondering, but I don’t watch every post like I use to so I guess that info slipped through the crack of my reading.

Been spending too much time lately developing a new hobby of taking old rusted up piles of junk tools and restoring them to good working condition. My current project is an old 1872-73 Bailey/Stanley #5 hand plane I found buried in a barn. Its been quite the challenge.


That sounds like a great hobby. I wish I was better with my hands. My wife’s stepfather was an engineer at Tyson for many years and is great with tools. He takes my son to his “man room” a couple of times a week to tinker with tools, so Jack won’t be as inept.

I think Sategna would be playing if not for the ankle injury, which I think he might have sustained right around the start of the season. I was talking to someone about it recently and they said it takes longer for smaller players to come back from those.

Great idea.
Exactly what I’m doing in “my world” over here. Started up my old business of construction. I just love to build things. Form repairing leaks to building a new home. Taking on this has helped my strength also…

I did construction for years and ran a company for years, we mainly did commercial building not residential, But I can say I’ve build 2 homes in my life and there is nothing except working on an HVAC unit that I can’t do for myself when it comes to my house. Naturally thats the one thing I have problems with too often as well. Go figure.

I built my first spec house in 1980, then 3 good size commercial building of my father-in-law then the Field of Dreams, the started my Residential building.

I can’t fix a door knob but I have the skills to manage getting anything fixed. I’m good at it. And today nobody wants to work. I feel there is a 20 year gap of lazy young people.

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Votan I have some tools dating back1930,s… I would be glad to give you… I live in Van Buren AK. Im on here all the time I am 88… Reed


Currently involved with this Hand Plane project and my next one is already laid out. An old Brace and Bit hand drill that I found next to the Plane. Mine do not look this good at this point just piles of rust, filth, and frozen up chunks of metal… but with patience, time and some TLC, They will be right as rain and working again. Or thats my hope.

As for stopping by, and seeing what you got, I think I’d like that. You are practically my neighbor. I grew up in Dyer/Alma and currently live in Barling. It might be a bit, but hopefully not too long, I’ll drop you a direct message in a few days and see what we can work out.

Thanks for the offer and I look forward to meeting you.


Good read
This is maybe off the subject line but, how many live in the River Valley?

I’m in Van Buren. Born in Fay, but raised in Ft Smith…

I live in the river valley. The Norfork River valley.

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VOtan After Tusday I will meet you any time in Barling or Van Buren. being 88 years old I dont have a lot going on.

I have some of these things that belonged to my Dad. He was a carpenter for a while when he came back from WWII… I’ll get some pics send to you if you’re interested… out of town this week but will be back next week

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I live in the river valley. Ozark. That is when I’m actually home from overseas work. 2-3 times a year.
Grew up in Altus with all the Post & Wiederkehr wine makers, lol. Loved the wine festivals as a youngster.

I live in the river valley–the Black Warrior River valley, in Tuscalooser, AL

Damn! He should have focused on Track&Field.

I am thiinjing I know the problem with Matt landers, he won’t go get it, saw 2 plays he could have made if he went for it, that would have given us first downs but I think he pulled up because he shyed away from contact, if he shys from contact he is a liability!

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