Isaiah Sategna opens up about his recruitment (story)

Reads like that ship has sailed, apparently mutual?

Did Coach Buckman ever recruit him?

What am I not understanding? Is there something going on that is not being talked about here? Should we be “reading between the lines”? If so there are a multitude of possibilities. Insiders, if so, you can just say “Yes, issues going on behind the scenes that we feel uncomfortable to print at this time.” or something similar.

No reading between the lines.

I believe that Arkansas has prioritized the WRs it wants after he committed to Texas A&M.

As for Arkansas track, sure it was/is recruiting him.

if I had a bet now, I would put it on Oregon.

It also sounds like he doesn’t have a committable football offer to LSU since they won’t set up an OV for him.

Oregon track program is his best option. If he wants to be a pro in sports, that is his best option

Yea to many things lead to Oregon right now.
Strange about his dad, if what he says is true. Rather be a HC in track at the HS level than an assistant coach in college.

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I hear Arkansas has a pretty good track program as well. :sunglasses:

And I wouldn’t close the door on this thing just yet


Sategna announced yesterday a top two of Oregon and Southern Cal. As I’ve said before, he is as much of a track recruit as a football recruit. Those are two big-time track programs.

My guess is Oregon

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