Isaiah Sategna Highlights..Bigtime Player

This is my favorite WR recruit,may be as fast as anyone we’ve ever had.5’11 but has really long legs and long stride…he can fly!! will be nightmare in the slot has Bama type speed


He looks like a play maker! Gotta love those wheels. You are right- he’s all legs.

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He can flat out fly!! Will be a nightmare on special teams as well… He will be a big impact player IMO.

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He looks taller on film. Wow!

Those are his junior highlights. Wait until you see what he did as a senior. He was incredible this year.


He reminds me of Joe Adams, he is absolutely electric with the ball in his hands he is as fast as anybody that’s ever played for us IMO


It’s because he has incredibly long legs and that is why he can absolutely explode past people, he looks like he has the stride of someone about 6’4.

That is a great comparison.

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Won’t be able to keep the ball outta his hands.

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Get some big boys on outside and put him in slot with that speed. Add better tight end presence and KJ might force us to replace the scoreboard light bulbs next season.

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I really like another recruit we’re bringing in at tight end. Dax Courtney is 6’6 210 which means he’s a pencil but he can flat out run… just put some weight on him and he may can help us

They have 2023 tight ends lined up and still looking at couple more including Oklahoma deco mitt. We might be more like Ga in couple years. They played three at same time for large amount of game with Bama. They do have a very special freshman one now. Those body types are hard on the hybrid safety types used in game today.

I’ve kept Sategna on my radar list for the razorbacks since last year. Even when he first committed elsewhere I didn’t give up on this speedster recruit.

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Who is #13? Looks like another tall wideout on that team.

I have no idea,didn’t notice him.

Wide left on many plays. Monster block downfield on one play.

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