Isaiah Sategna big night

He had 17 catches for 261 yards & a TD in Fayetteville’s win over Cabot.


WOW. You always wonder if a great track star is just a football player because of his speed. Isaiah seems to making a statement that, yes he’s a track star, but he’s also a football star! Great to see.

So glad he changed his commitment to the Hogs.

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Richard do you think he makes an impact next year?

The speed is obviously there. How well does he adjust to the physicality of the SEC?

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Does he also return punts or kick offs

He has returned both, but he was taken off of both units earlier this season. He had some fumble problems on returns, but I’m not sure if that was the reason he was taken off. Fayetteville has some other capable returners.

He had an 85-yard touchdown return to open last year’s game vs. Springdale Har-Ber. If he gets an opening, no one on the high school level catches him. There will be some who can at the college level, but not many.

Isaiah pretty much took over the game the other night against Cabot, along with the quarterback Bladen Fike who was offered by Middle Tennessee last week. Fayetteville was trailing 27-6 in the third quarter and came back to win 34-27.

Isaiah had a big 58-yard touchdown catch over the top to pull Fayetteville within a score. Later he had a big catch and run inside the 5. He lowered his shoulder and ran over a Cabot defender at the end of the play. In the first half he had a 53-yard catch that was called down at the 1-yard line, but the side judge was out of position and did not see him cross the goal line.

He is more physical this season than he was as a junior, but he will get stronger. I think he can probably carry another 15-20 pounds without sacrificing speed.

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Speed Rules. You have it or you wave as it goes by.

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I’m Looking forward to seeing him play next yr, I think he has a chance to play early.

The officiating in that game was so terrible, was it Isaiah who was called down at the 1 when Fayetteville didn’t score?

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