Isaiah Nichols talks commitment to the Hogs (video highlights) … azorbacks/

I remember that uniform…

Always liked them myself.

Richard, after this commit will there still be room for that DE Nick F from Georgia?

Yes. Nick would be the third and final DL in the class unless more spots open up.

Thank you sir.

I got a chance to cover Isaiah when he was a sophomore. Great kid. His mom is awesome.

He started football late, so I think he has a lot of room for growth. I’d imagine he winds up getting bigger and playing inside. Zak Clark is his coach and was always super high on him. He really came on last season.

His video’s are really good, quick and strong and always smears the runner. This kid has it!

Once he gets those bear paws on you… it’s over.

This is a case of his natural talent attracting SEC offers which is far ahead of his potential. A polished version is going to make a impact on the gridiron.