Isaiah Moss will not be a Razorback...

Not sure whether this was EM’s decision or Moss’.

Obviously Arkansas was at 15 with scholarships and looking to still add Kerry Blackshear and Mioss wasn’t going to be here for awhile so that may have played into this as well.

Any truth to chat board talk about there are doubts whether Moss will actually graduate to be a graduate transfer? i guess we will have to wait to see if he stays at Iowa.

PJ, I have a question for you or anyone. How do you declare as a grad transfer if you haven’t graduated? Makes no sense to me.

I think there had to be something to that for him to still be enrolled at Iowa

Because you’re considered a graduate student if you enter the fall for a Masters. Moss was between 6 & 12 hours from actual graduation and was taking the classes over the summer.

Same deal as Jalen Harris. Supposedly he also is finishing his degree this summer, if he decides to transfer it would be as a Grad Transfer, but he wouldn’t go to his new school until August, supposedly that was why Moss wasn’t here as well. Aug would have been his report date.

Thanks baked. Just curious.

Wow. I thought Moss had the chance to be the biggest immediate addition. So, he might go to Kansas? Wish I could be a fly on the wall.

Personally, I think this is great news. I didn’t particularly like his style of play on the court; not energetic enough for me. And, I think some of his stats decreased last season because of the play of an Iowa freshman.

And, I don’t want to lose our existing guards.

So, wps and I’m glad he seriously considered our Hogs for a moment.


Jeff Goodman sure seems to think he ends up at Kansas… another tweet says he will then make Kansas his pre-season #1 for what that’s worth :sunglasses:

Would rather have Blackshear anyway at this point. Like his size and his numbers.
Hope that becomes a reality soon. But still need to make room for him.

I am admittedly going into conspiracy theory mode here, but I haven’t seen anyone mention it so I’m just going to throw this out there: Could it be possible that we are making room for Kyree Walker to join the team in 2019?


Don’t think Muss pulled his commitment to make room for anyone. That will be a bad message to send to future recruits. I think it is a Moss decision.

Auburn check cleared?

Ahh, Kansas, well, there NC, KY, Duke, LSU, so why not.

I would never state something as an absolute fact concerning a recruit.

While I don’t think that is the case either, I’ve seen things happen that make no sense at times

While you’re correct about recruiting is wild. Walker is not supposed to reclassify. We will see if that holds up, but that was the word last week.