Isaiah Moss to Kansas

As expected.

Is there more explanation of why Moss decommitted from Arkansas?

A strong-ass offer?

Might be a good trade for us when they go on Probation before the season starts and we get Issac McBride to come home next year.

Thing that sucks the most about this dude jacking around with us is that it also cost us RDs dude Jaire Grayer who I was also a big fan of.

It usually takes a year or 2 to know for sure.

Did Grayer get the waiver to play a 5th year?

Ya he’ll be fine my dude. Ended up signing with TCU.

That Adidas money is still floating around…

There is very little justice by the NCAA in basketball.

And that’s what Kansas, Duke and Kentucky and a hand full of others want and insist upon.

Losing commits? Whining about Adidas money? Waiting for justice from the NCAA? Have fun with that.

I was whining??? I said “Adidas money still floating around”…if that’s whining you must not have kids.

What would you like to add to the Moss story…surely you have something we can all enjoy.

The thing that doesn’t make much sense to me is that it was about 2 days after his Kansas trip, which he took right after our visit, that he committed to the Hogs. When he didn’t commit while here on his visit, knowing he was going to Kansas next, I felt like we had no chance to get him. I was ecstatic, as many others, that he picked us “over” Kansas. Now, I wonder, did Kansas not offer him during his trip there? If that were the case, and they only offered a few days ago, then the flip would make more sense. It’s not very often we are going to beat Kansas for a recruit they want if he has no Arkansas ties.

He still has summer school to pass. In my opinion more worries here than at Kansas.