Isaiah Moss article following visit

I assume it’s OK to put the contents of this 247 article about Moss’ visit per his dad from Derek Piper. I’m no longer a member, so the article is open to the public. I think I remember I’m not supposed to link something from 247.

Per his Dad:

They are down to 4 teams, Arkansas, AZ ST, Kansas, and Oregon.

Visiting Kansas now. Flew home this morning from Arkansas and flying out tonight to Kansas.

Dad said the Arkansas visit was amazing. Basically everything was perfect. Muss met them at the airport. He had a great presentation of how he wanted to use Isaiah in his system. Dad said it was a 5* presentation.

They are still planning on visiting AZ St and Oregon before making a decision. No dates set yet.

Over 50 schools contacted Isaiah after his name hit the transfer portal.

Dad said half the big ten teams offered Isaiah, but they felt that would disrespect Iowa fans and Isaiah loved the Iowa fans. Nothing but love for Iowa.

Now, hopefully the first visit, which seemed to wow both Dad and son, will be meaningful in their decision.

Hope it’s OK to put this info on the board.

whether its ok or not, I’m very glad you posted it, thanks!


If he loves Iowa so much, why us he leaving Iowa? I am sure Iowa fans are asking.

This is what his Dad said in response to a similar question. "His ultimate goal is to try to get to the next level, whether it’s overseas or NBA. That’s his goal, so he’s got to figure out a fit that’s going to help him get there. And that was his intention of transferring out.”

Credit to Derek Piper and 247.

Whether it is merited or not, that thought, that he can get better prepared for professional ball elsewhere is their thinking. I believe that goal would benefit Arkansas and Kansas the most. Arkansas because of CEM and his NBA and G League background. Kansas because, well they are Kansas with lots of players in the NBA. I think CEM and Self have similar offensive systems. Hopefully the NCAA cloud hanging over Kansas will work to the Hogs’ benefit.

I saw on the Iowa site that Moss tested the NBA waters the previous year, but elected to come back to school. That means he probably didn’t grade out as a probable draftee. That may have set the seed that he needed to find a place that would better prepare him for pro ball?