Isaiah Joe's MASSIVE dunk

SAIP . . . literally at eye level with the rim . . . impressive.

BTW, this ended up being an “and 1” situation, as the defender was called for a blocking foul.


Boy he can fly!

I want to watch it! But there is only an icon with a red X as far as I can see… … -113198497
This shows the dunk. The original pic. posted were better. His eyes were even with the rim.

Found another source for the pic. Not as large, but still can see his “ups”.

I had no idea he had those kind of hops. I still don’t think of him as a fast twitch guy, but I think I have a better understanding of MA’s quote about IJ’s “sneaky athleticism”.

I think we are getting back to the days when we ALWAYS had 3-4 guys that were 6’4" to 6’7" that could all handle the ball, run the floor, shoot and jump. Darious Hall also fits that description.

As for incoming freshmen, in addition to Joe, take a look at this very similar dunk from Desi Sills.