Isaiah Joe

Doesn’t get invited into the 3 point contest. What a joke.
His percentage is off the charts.


Hype, it’s about the hype.


He is or was leading the NBA in 3 point shooting percentage. What a joke.

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I’ve probably told this story before on this board. But I covered Isaiah Joe when he was a sophomore at Northside. It was my first job out of college, working for the Times Record in Fort Smith. His coach, Eric Burnett, told him that he had his blessing to shoot the ball from anywhere inside half court if he had the airspace and could see the rim. I think he put up 20-plus points once against a Bentonville team that had Malik Monk, and he blossomed from there. Isaiah has one of the more effortless shooting motions I’ve seen.


Not the same Joe, but years ago I met my brother in Little Rock and a friend of his was an AAU coach and he said he had seen in person Joe Johnson’s talent and work ethic, and when my brother asked if he was going to be a McDonald’s All-American the answer was “No, he should be, but you wouldn’t believe the politics that goes on”. Guess it’s the same in the NBA.

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Just saw this morning that the NBA has replaced Anfernee Simons with Julius Randle in the 3-point shootout.
A dude on Twitter said it’s like replacing Vince Carter with Steve Nash in the dunk contest.
Just ridiculous.

My NBA interest is only fueled if an Arkansas Razorback is involved otherwise not interested.

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It appears whoever is making the decisions is putting more emphasis on total 3PM instead of percentage.

That was my conclusion too.

If that’s the case, it’s flawed logic. Of course, that’s my opinion because I’m biased.

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Look at this table. This may be how they decided it. See where Isaiah is.

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