Isaiah Joe

This is the kid to watch this year. He will play this year and is the most unselfish player on the team.

I think several of the newcomers are ones to watch.

I know I probably sound like a broken record saying this, but I covered Isaiah at FS Northside his sophomore year. I could tell from the first time I watched him practice he had the potential to be a special player. He was very young then and mostly just a spot-up 3-point specialist, but he’s really grown since then. He was stellar his junior season as one of Northside’s two leaders on a state championship team. His senior year he blossomed into more of an all-around player - ballhandling, leadership, improved defensive play. He would also meet guards at the rim on both ends. There’s a crazy picture of him dunking on a Charleston player left handed at UAFS during the Coke Classic. All of that to go with incredible range and soft touch.

On Instagram, he updated his story every time he was in the Northside gym last week, which was a lot. Very eager to catch up on his development soon.

I’m going on record now in saying that Isaiah Nylon-Eyed Joe will lead the Hogs in scoring this year while finishing second in assists. He will also finish first or second in steals and will be one of our top 5 rebounders.

Interesting. I assume that’s saying more about him than Gafford and Mr. Harris. I think both of them will be studs, and both will play the most minutes. But, maybe Joe will be right there with them. Looking forward to it.

That’s pretty bold talk, Eagle. Can Joe go into hostile SEC gyms and knock down the 3s and free throws as a freshman? Nothing would thrill me more than to see that happen. This class and the next really show promise. Just keep it going, coach. WPS!

I should probably amend that statement to read that he will be one of our top two scorers. There is a good possibility that an improved Daniel Gafford will be our leading scorer. However, the more effective Gafford is in scoring in the paint, that will just open things up more for IJ on the perimeter. The kid can stroke it. We’re talking Dusty Hannahs, Al Dillard range with more athleticism than either of those guys. Now I don’t think our leading scorer this year is going to be a 20 ppg guy. The scoring will likely be spread out between several players. I could however see both Gafford and Joe scoring between 12 and15 a game which will probably make them our top two scorers.

I agree Richard. I think serveral of these guys have the potential to play like they don’t know they are FR.

Gee, you guys are revvin’ me up all the way down here in Cypress TX!

When I said there were several of the newcomers to watch, I wasn’t knocking Isaiah. I’ve always said he’s a better shooter than Daryl at the same stage. I saw both playing with the Hawks and Joe has a better stroke. He’s also underrated as a defender. Can’t say all of it translates to college but can say he was better coming into his freshman year.

This year, I think if “any” of our guards (not talking just about IJ), come down the floor and start firing away at 3s without giving Gafford a touch, they will find themselves quickly on the bench regardless of who they are. For our offense to be the best it can be in a half court setting, it will need to flow through Gafford. Much of the time, he will be double teamed, and the guards (and small forwards) will find themselves open for 3s when Daniel passes back out to them.

On fast break opportunities, the guards better be looking for Gafford, because chances are, he will be running right with them, if not in front of them. IMO, if our guards want to see a lot of playing time, they will need to be at least as good at ball handling, penetration, and passing as they are at shooting 3s. And, especially with Mike, their defense is equally as important for playing time. By the way, I do think Isaiah Joe has those qualities and talents, so I too, expect him to get big minutes.

I believe this young team can be VERY good this year if we can get excellent all-around guard play out of these young pups.

Let me see if I understand, You are saying that if we come down the floor with the floor spread the guards are going to have to pass up an open three in order to make sure that Gafford gets a touch… Don’t think that will win many games. Now if we are in the half court set then yes we should try to go inside out. Provided Gafford shows he can make the outlet pass.

You got it. Until they dress out in a Hog uniform, go on the road and do what you say, you never know.

While I love young Mr. Joe, I’ll take Gafford to lead them in scoring and rebounding.

I can see Joe up there in the scoring and assists categories.

His passing ability is overshadowed by his shot, but both are elite.

Labb, I agree totally. If you notice, my second sentence referred to “the half court set”. So yes, I was referring to our half court offense.

I posted that pic last Jan, but I just checked that thread/post and for some reason, the pic will not display directly in this thread - though, if I just take the URL and paste it into a browser, the pic comes up fine??? Not sure why.

Here is the URL: … i_hooper10

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I posted that pic last Jan, but I just checked and for some reason, it will not display here - though, if I just take the URL and paste it into a browser, the pic comes up fine??? Not sure why.

That’s all anyone needs to see. Freak.