Isaiah Joe yet to make a NBA three pointer

Isaiah has played in 4 games with the following per game stats

6.8 minutes
0.5 pts
14.3% FG
0% 3 pt FG
1.2 rebounds
1.0 assists

Isaiah has attempted 5 threes so far. Good news is that he is seeing some action.

He doesn’t seem aggressive enough to me, and he doesn’t even try to rebound on the offensive end. I don’t know maybe that’s what they told him to do…

From watching the two games, he doesn’t seem comfortable on the court and is rushing his shot. I think once he makes a couple of threes, he will be fine. Problem is getting more than 3 minutes of PT at a time.

Yeah, I posted at the time that it would be difficult for him to get minutes when I saw that Phily had traded for Curry and Green. They are both shooting great on their 3s at this point in the season. It may take an injury to one of them for Joe to get any significant minutes

IJ got the start at shooting guard tonight because they were so shorthanded. Philly only used 7 players. He shot 4 for 18 but did make three treys and wound up with 13 points and 4 boards, playing 45 minutes.

IJ played 37 minutes tonight going 4-10 from 3 with a free throw for 13 total. OT win for Philly

It should be noted that Sixers were almost full strength and Isaiah got 37 minutes,

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Isaiah probably was drafted by the perfect team for his skill set. Sixers definitely needed to surround Embiid with shooters.

[quote=“pjhawg, post:8, topic:38701”]
should be noted that Sixers were almost full strength and Isaiah got 37 minutes,
Joe is getting Seth Curry’s minutes. I don’t know if Curry is out for injury or Covid, but he’s going to get his minutes back when he returns. Joe might get some of Green’s minutes if he continues to improve.

Curry is only the hottest shooter in the NBA. He is making an unreal 59.5% of his 3 point shots. The closest player who’s taken at least five 3 point shots a game is at 51%.

Joe is making the most of it. Whether his minutes subside later or not. The way the NBA is handling things this year with the spike in COVID he needs to stay ready and hopefully COVID free.

You are right. I looked at who played last night and forgot about Seth Curry. He wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the game reports.

Joe could be playing his way into a trade if Philly goes after Harden. I wouldn’t trade for Harden, but I’m just a fan, not the GM :grinning:.

wow, if he’s traded to H town, then he’d be reuinited with Mase. That would be great for us hog fans.


Philly has the third best record in the NBA at this point. It’s early in the season but I don’t know they’d have all that much incentive to bring Harden in to screw up their team chemistry and bog down their offense. And what do you do with Ben Simmons, a point forward who can’t shoot, if Harden is using nearly 40 percent of the possessions? I suspect it might take Simmons as trade bait to get Harden anyway, even if they were that crazy.

EDIT: Looks like Harden is going to Brooklyn instead in one of those incredibly complex four-team deals. Moot point.

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