Isaiah Joe with 32 points as FS Norrthside routs...

Charleston 95-63

Joe was 6-10 from 3-point range, 10-of 17 overall and 6-of-7 from FT line

Joe said after the game that he is now 6-4

Tevin Brewer had 26 points for FSN

Chase Ewing had 28 and Brandon Fenner 18 for Charleston

Northside and El Dorado meet at 6 p.m. on Thursday in a semifinal

Saw highlights of this game and Joe on Twitter. Love the way he shoots. Nice and easy. He did look taller than before. Good to hear he is 6-4. Was a bit worried about him at SG before this growth. He also had a nice steal. Quick hands.

Have liked the upside since I saw him last Spring. Easy to project that he would grow. With his shooting skill level, I liked the offer. Just needs to work on overall game and live in the weight room; if he does that, he should be a good one. Excited to see him this spring/summer.

You may have some missing words or typos in the third sentence. Not sure what you meant to say about his shooting skills. Interested to know your evaluation, since I was quite impressed with the way he shoots.

Fixed. I’ve been impressed with his ability to shoot, too.