Isaiah Joe video

Comments: I have a gut feeling this young man is going to make hawgs nation proud with his three points clutch and other wise shooting abilities.

I saw Daryl Macon play numerous times with the Hawks and I’ve seen Isaiah several times and Joe is a more pure shooter than Daryl.

He has really opened a lot of eyes this summer. I didn’t realize how good he was off the bounce. After Perry he is the most college ready 2018 recruit. Very excited about the future.

He could play the point in a pinch. I’ve been saying that since last summer.

I didn’t realize that he is that long. We will probably have lineups on the floor at times in 2018 with no player shorter than 6-4.

His shooting ability will be very, very valuable, but his vision as a passer, basketball IQ and willingness to create for others has jumped out at me every time I’ve watched him play live or on tape.

I think he has a pretty high floor as a college player for those reasons.

Jimmy how does he compare to another Northside & UofA great - Ron (The Boot) Brewer?
What you describe above about Isaiah sounds very similar, and they are about the same size.

I have never seen Ron play, he was before my time. Obviously I know he was great. If Isaiah came anywhere close to being as good as him, I’m sure Arkansas would be thrilled.

His jumper is the prettiest we’ve had since Scotty.