Isaiah Joe to the Sixers at #49

Jeremy Woo at talked this morning about how the Sixers really wanted IJ and got their man later on.

It looks to me that it’s going to be difficult for IJ to make the final NBA roster for the Sixers. I was even a little surprised they drafted him. Before their pre-draft trades and their during the draft trades, I thought he would be perfect for the Sixers.

However, the Sixers made the trade for Green, a proven terrific 3-point shooter, before the draft and then during the draft they traded for Seth Curry, one of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA. I hope Joe makes the roster, but, barring injuries to Green and Curry, it’s going to be difficult. I would assume he’ll probably start the season in the G-League.

Green’s 33 years old and his shooting fell off this season to 36% from deep, which is still good but well below his career numbers. Due to age? Maybe. Woo also said Daryl Morey isn’t done making moves with free agency upcoming, Maybe IJ gives them freedom to move somebody in return for another piece they need more.

Remember that Morey built the Rockets as a high-volume 3-point shooting team and is taking over Philly now. He may want all the gunners he can find, and Isaiah qualifies, Philly was horrible from deep in the bubble, and on the season took 14 fewer threes per game than Houston did,

Sixers had their eye on IJ ever since they lost JJ Roddick.

True statement. However, where they drafted Joe, and with the 2 trades they made, tells me that they probably now see him as an insurance policy against an injury to Curry or Green. If they had only traded for one of those 2, I think Joe would have probably made their opening NBA roster. Not so sure now.

You have a good point there. However, I remember when Doc Rivers took over the Sixers, he said that finding shooters will be a priority. Maybe he can use all of them. Plus Green is becoming streaky lately and Isaiah has a lot of size on Seth.

BTW, during the draft I learned that Doc is Seth’s father-in-law. That will be interesting on and off the court.

Yeah, I heard that too. That may put so much pressure on Seth, he won’t be able to “shoot a lick”. That would sure help IJ.

Musselman could not keep either Mason or Isaiah from leaving early. No college coach has that power. They should be helpful in the process and help show him how the money breaks out for different spots in the draft. I’m certain Muss did that with Joe. After that, the coach is not a factor.

As far as Scottie Thurman making more money for staying another year at Arkansas, I’m doubtful that is true. His ability to cover because of lack of quickness was not going to change with another year at Arkansas.

I dunno. Will he obtain his degree by staying that one extra year? If so, then your answer is a huuuuuge YES!!

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