Isaiah Joe to the Sixers at #49

Right team from the mock draft, 15 picks later.

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Mason Jones wound up going undrafted, and one of Eric Musselman’s former players, Jalen Harris, was taken by the Raptors at No. 59. Harris redshirted in Musselman’s final year at Nevada.

I don’t care what anyone says, he made a huge mistake leaving early. All he had to do was work on his handles and driving and scoring through contact, and he could have been a lottery pick next year. There is no guaranteed money where he was drafted. Granted, he is light years better than the 3 Kentucky players that were drafted before him, but they get guaranteed contracts, and he doesn’t. IMO, Muss didn’t do him any favors by letting him go early. Until we become a household name again, not one of our sophomores should even attempt to go early. I’m watching the draft tonight, and not one person even mentioned Portis as a good young building block for the sorry ass Knicks. Portis was our last McDonald’s AA, and he gets zero respect. All I’m saying is that Mason couldn’t have had a better year, but as I’m typing this, he still hasn’t been drafted. Why, in the hell, would everyone around Isaiah sign off on him leaving early to be a 2nd round pick? It absolutely boggles my mind.

I saw where Mason signed a 2 way free agent contract with Houston. G League and the Rockets. He can play up to 50 NBA games and will be paid according to how many games he plays in each league.

Your opinion but not your choice. You may be right but it’s water under the bridge at this point.

As a 76er fan, I am thrilled for him and them. We needed shooting and he can help. Win, win for me!

This reminds me of Scottie Thurman and his early entry into the draft after his junior year. He went undrafted and played ball overseas instead of in the NBA. If he played one more year with the Hogs, he. certainly would have been drafted and likely had a good run in the NBA.

Looks like an instant replay by Mason and a premature exit for Joe… I hope that they have good camps and .long NBA careers, but the harsh reality is both players should have come back to Arkansas and had 1 more year of coaching by Muss and his NBA experienced staff.

Once more, I understand that young men believe that they can do anything. This time though, having the patience to get 1 more year of quality coaching would been the best choice for both of them.

Two questions: 1) Do you think Muss can stop a player from going pro once he decides that’s what he wants to do? 2) In your opinion, is it a benefit to UA’s recruiting efforts every time one of its players shows up on the NBA draft board?

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I really don’t think many people on this thread understand the NBA or the draft process. It is viewed as a hindrance the longer you stay in college. Clearly there are exceptions to every rule, but Mason wasn’t going to increase his draft prospects by sticking around. He is already 22.

There is no guarantee Isaiah would’ve increased his draft prospects by sticking around either, though I feel it was more likely than Mason.

I mean, James Wiseman played 3 games in college. LaMelo and RJ played no college games. Patrick Williams went 4th and didn’t even start for FSU.

Honestly, Isaiah should’ve left after last year if he was wanting to be a first rounder


What are you talking about?

Serious question for the board, did Rakeem Boyd help himself by returning this year?

In my opinion, he did not.

That said, there were published reports that he was advised by NFL scouts that he needed to demonstrate improvement as a receiver out of the backfield. As things have played out, many of those targets have gone to Trelon Smith, and Boyd didn’t help himself by dropping what would have been a reception for a big gain.

I agree with you 100%. Isaiah could have been a first rounder if he had left after his freshman year. There was so much buzz about him then. Gafford probably gone higher after his freshman season. I am also opinion that Scotty Thurman would have been drafted if he had left a year earlier right after The Shot. Unless you are really great, longer you stay more a chance to expose your weaknesses.

As far as Mason, I think he has reached his collegiate peak and he would have been even worse off if he had stayed, as his numbers would have plummeted. I think signing a free agent contract with a NBA team was his play all along. He has accomplished it.

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How exactly was Muss supposed to keep him from leaving?

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I don’t think it made any difference really. Wasn’t gonna be drafted last year, won’t be drafted this year either. Teams realize they can get competent RBs as UFAs or late round picks and not waste high draft choices,

I understand your concern and would have loved to see Joe back in a Razorback uniform. BUT, with the way the NBA draft works and the very REAL possibility that this season might not happen, Joe made the right decision to leave early. He can work on what you stated in the G-League. Joe is actually a perfect fit for the 76er’s roster. They’ve got shooters, but none like Joe to complement their inside game. If he stayed and there was no season, it’s unpredictable how the NBA draft next year would have gone. The longer you stay in college, the more they believe you aren’t ready for the NBA. And with the new crop of high school one and doners this year, along with the one and doners next year, it was a real possibility that Joe might not have gotten drafted at all. Like I said, I hate it, but I’m happy for Joe that he gets a chance to live out a dream and help his family.

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So, the answer is no. Instead of a year getting paid to play, he is spending that year at Arkansas and has clearly regressed.

Not necessarily, but the way he’s playing this year, he may have hurt himself. Had he come back, not been injured, and played up to what appeared to be his potential, he would have helped himself.

I was a little surprised, but a month ago or so, ESPN had him ranked the #9 RB in their draft projection. Probably 3rd -5th round. Last year, he was not considered anywhere close to the 9th best RB for the draft.

His health and the way he’s played so far, has probably hurt him, but he had the opportunity to improve his stock. Maybe he can do that in our last 3 or 4 games.