Isaiah Joe’s game winner


What is that on his left shoulder, some sort of shoulder brace or something?
Sure it wasn’t a tattoo.

That’s KT tape.

I could use a roll of that stuff.

Something I was thinking about watching Isaiah and Moses in the summer league (possibly two of the best players in the summer league) is that despite all the arguments about should Isaiah or jalen or any borderline second round draft pick go pro early, watching these guys it seem pretty clear that if you are lucky enough to get on a nba roster even at the end of the bench like Isaiah and Moses it sure ain’t going to hurt you any development wise. It’s real hard to believe that these two guys, or anyone, would develop more staying on the Razorback team another year than they have practicing against nba players every day. I hope jalen improves as much as Isaiah and Moses have. These guys are good nba talents! And yes ,Jeremy, I too wish they were all still in Razorback jerseys. I think they made the wrong decisions for my Razorback pride and the good of the state of Arkansas and their character and whatever else but it sure hasn’t hurt their basketball talents or pocket book any.

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It has to be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Even the great athletes mature differently emotionally and intellectually. So many train wrecks liter the past with sad endings for many who buckled under the weight of unfulfilled expectations and sudden wealth with the leeches all around them.


The best thing about all of our pro Hogs is they seem to be good, hard-woking people. That will serve them well when the ball stops bouncing.

Yes, I wish our guys who get drafted in the 2nd round would stay Hogs and try to be 1st rounders, but I accept that is not realistic anymore.

I will always see things thru hog-tinted glasses, but I am truly happy for these kids, and I will support them as they follow their dreams.

Selfishly, I am really gonna miss JWill. Really wanted him to hang another banner in The Bud before he left, and that smile…c’mon, man.

Did not know he was the first player of Vietnamese descent to play in the NBA. That’s pretty cool.

Go Hogs!

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We already miss that beautiful smile.

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