Isaiah Joe - NBA 2020 draft

Just saw the latest CBS Sports mock draft. They have Joe going in the 1st round, #15 to Phoenix. Geez, that’s just one spot out of the lottery. All the others I’ve seen were very late 1st round to mid 2nd round.

Well I hope that was before last night. Great kid, great Hog. Needs another year of strength training and Miss Muss’s finishing school. Could really up his stock with a deep tourney run next year.

NBA scouts and GMs know Joe’s shot is so pure, they aren’t worried about his shooting. If he’s actually moving up the boards, it’s because of his improvements in other phases of his game. Example, last night he had 5 boards and led the team with 5 assists, and only 1 TO.

It also could be that the CBS mock draft is just an outlier.

I wish everyone would just stop pushing these kids into the NBA draft early when they really need more time to get more consistent from game to game with their skill set.
IMO, IJ needs to hang with CEM for a couple of seasons at least before he will truly be NBA ready.
Let this season play out and see where he is on the draft boards.

Go Hogs!

There are other drafts that show Zai at #24 and #25.

Gotta hope Muss can sell him on one more year. With the talent around him next season, it could be special.

Will be interesting for sure if he returns.

The NBA is every BB playing kids dream and most would rather skip college if they could.
If Joe is solidly projected as 1st rounder at seasons end, he’s gone.
Good for him as only a very very select few actually get to live that dream.