Isaiah Joe measures in at

That is a big sized guard. Hope to hear more on the other guys coming in on the same stuff.

I did not realize Joe was that big.

Was he the only one they measured? :smiley:

He wasn’t measured by the UA. The kids had their plate full the first day of classes.

Well…who measured him? I’m just funnin with you, it really doesn’t matter, you’re the height you are, not what is put down on the roster.

I’m actually kinda curious to who measured him as well. But yea, no surprise on Isiah being that tall, he looks tall and lanky with long arms when you see him on videos. Once he adds a little more weight he’s going to be a stud. I see him as a day 1 starter.

This was a question I asked about a few weeks back. There are pics from award dinners with him and Henderson standing next to each other. Henderson was listed on some sites as 6’9 and Joe was listed as 6’3. So Joe is 6’5 (with or without shoes?), wonder if Ethan is closer to 6’8. The pics didn’t look like that much of a height difference

My guess on Ethan is 6-8. Might even be 6-7.

It all depends on who measures. Like I’ve said so many times, a kid can go to three or four different camps or schools and be measured differently.

Here’s the answer to that question. Also, I’m pretty sure those heights are with shoes on. I think only like combines do their heights with shoes off.