Isaiah Joe is going to break some 3 point records

That guy has already got an all time great looking stroke. Additional plus is that he is a taller guard (6-5) so is going to need less space to get his shot off. I knew he was coming in as our best shooter but man does he look good.

He resembles Scotty Thurman in the way he follows through which is not a bad thing I would think.

He is the first player I remember feeling great about every shot that leaves his hand since… oh probably since Joe Johnson! Seriously feels nice to have a go to player that you everyone has confidence can put the ball in the hoop when we need a bucket. Hopefully he will just develop more confidence and assertiveness to be the guy in those moments for us.

Yes, when he went 5-of-15 and 3-of-9 on Sunday, I thought well, that’s subpar.

just smoooooth and beautiful. I LOVE JOE! He’s my dude, as the kids say these days


The thing that impresses me so much about him is the quick release. Arkansas has had a number of guys over the years who could put it in the basket if given enough time to set but his release seems quicker to me.

He also has shown in the few games to date that he will try to go to the boards some. That’s a good trait to have going forward, assuming they can put some more muscle on him.

He takes good shots. He lets the offense come to him. He doesn’t force his shot. I do wish he would shoot more…I think he will as the season progresses. He is impressive.

Dudley, can he create his own shot or is he more of a stand and drill the 3 like Pat Bradley and Dusty?

Fort Smith Northside…wps.

I’m hoping that he becomes much more than a 3 point shooter…and before next year.

May not shoot the 3 off the dribble much yet, but just constant moving & running the base line to find his spot is just as effective.
Play defense!

For a freshmen he’s ready to compete. Very capable to be effective on both ends of the floor. In interviews I’ve noticed how polite and humble the young man is. Always giving praise for his teammates .

He will have nights where everything he put up goes in and other nights he won’t be able to get hot. Give Desi time and we will be impressed with him as well.

If Phillips get heathy and playing full speed we will have another weapon on both ends. He can shot the pumpkin, get to the hole off the bounce, redound and play defense.