Isaiah Joe didn't play in the Sixers opener

Listed as DNP – coach’s decision.

Mason Jones is still on the Rockets’ roster but they had their opener postponed because of a shortage of players. The Rockets’ G-League team opened its season three weeks ago and as far as I can tell Mase hasn’t played in any games there.

Other NBA Hogs: Bobby Portis scored three points in his first game as a Buck, Gafford scored 5 points for the Bulls. Beverley scored 10 points in the Clips’ win over the Lakers.

Beverley is the only one that is starting.

Beverly is defensive hawk.

Without a true off-season and summer league, I would be surprised if either Joe or Jones played significant minutes in the early season besides a blowout. I think they’re both just trying to figure out the pro game at this point.

I really like Jones chances of staying with the Rockets once Harden is traded.

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Sixers play the Knicks tomorrow. Good chance for a blowout, I think. Rockets play at Portland, not so much.

At one time, the NBA rules were if a player is on the roster day one, the entire years salary was guaranteed.

Is that still true? .

Not certain, but I know a lot depends on their contract. Not sure about Joe, but I believe Mason has a 2 way contract. G League and NBA, with pay scales for each league, depending on which he’s playing in.

Yeah, I wondered about the pay for guys playing in both leagues.

Mason has a two way contract. They don’t do two way contracts for draft picks, which IJ was. IJ signed a three year deal for $4.2 million with two years guaranteed.

Mason is in quarantine due to contact tracing with two Rockets teammates who tested positive. Unavailable for tomorrow’s game at Portland.


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