Isaiah Campbell

Isaiah is battling a foot injury and is questionable to start today. Dave Van Horn addresses it at the bottom of this story. … um-201805/

We certainly seem to be at a disadvantage with starting pitching today. They are throwing out a 7-1 guy, and we aren’t even sure who we are gonna start, if Campbell can’t go.
We need this win, to win the West outright. Hoping our bats, and defense, can get us there
Go Hogs!!!

wow doesn’t look good…maybe Lee or Rammage can give us a lift but to whole staff it in a game that means so much is not encouraging…Hopefully our offense will bust out.

Kole Ramage will be the starter today. Jordan McFarland is getting the start at first base because of the Bulldogs’ left-handed starting pitcher.

Dave said on the pregame show that Campbell might be able to give some innings out of the bullpen today, but did not think it was good to start him.

Phil said on the radio broadcast that Isaiah took a nap the other day, then woke up with his foot in severe pain. It was bad enough that he needed crutches on the trip to Athens.

The doctors aren’t sure what happened, whether it was a spider bite, an insect bite or something else.

That’s odd! I sure hope he gets to feeling better. This does give Ramage a chance to get some experience in a high pressure game. I hope the young man does well. I’m hoping for 5 or 6 innings.

I doubt he goes that long. The plan today is for him to go two or three innings, then turn it over to the bullpen.

Well he just gave up the game tying HR.
This is his third inning. So I’m sure he’s about done.