Isaiah Campbell better be on tomorrow

Or we could be in big trouble. Never seen Reindl look like that. He and Murphy both couldn’t get the ball down below the waist

Tomorrow’s gonna be Johnny whole staff for sure…How many could u potentially throw MC?? 4 innings…maybe??

Well let’s just hope we come back and win this game today LOL I think Cronin could go 4

Odds against us are great, but we got two back. With runners at the corners & two out, we still have a chance to another run or two. If we can cut the lead to 2, all of a sudden we’re back in the game.

We just have to find someway to shut them off the rest of the way

Today’s game isn’t over! We still have AB’s left! Lay off the high pitch above the zone and we would still be batting in the 8th inning.