Isaac TeSlaa will announce


How you feeling ?

He probably cannot answer that bc he either knows the decision or doesn’t want to hurt the u of a here by revealing anything another school could use against the hogs here

Don’t have one just yet.

How about Weaver?

Reminds me of when Houston Nutt brought out the old (REAL) Batmobile for “Batman” Carroll’s visit in the late 90’s.

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Tend to think Arkansas but not going to pretend to know for sure.


He ever name top schools?

Figured the Tesla would make an appearance on his visit, made mention of it earlier this week when saw his last stop was with Prime. Hope a car doesn’t sway him but who knows.

Weaver visited West Virginia before Arkansas. Headed to OU afterwards.

IMO the novelty of Deion Sanders antics will wear off when his team starts getting their butts beat. If they watched his intro video to the Colorado team how can any kid want to play for him?
The circus atmosphere that is now college football is growing old quickly for me

Prime is starting at bottom of expectations with Buffalos. If he goes 6-6 in year one , they will build a statue for him. Nil money and players liking his swag will only grow stronger. He has recruited a solid staff.

For consideration, put him at TAM vs Jimbo. Who would you place a bet on?

Prime has brought hype and excitement to a dormant program. There’s literally no where to go but up. They were 1-11 last year. They’ve had 3 winning seasons in the past 20 years. Including 1 in the past 10.

Kids want to be apart of that. They want to be apart of that circus. That’s all he can he sale, being apart of that circus.

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What “antics” and what “circus”?
What does he do that Muss doesn’t do?
Prime is big on social media just like Muss.
As far as what he said during his introduction, he let the current Colorado kids know up front that if they were afraid to compete, to hit the portal. He also let some know that they wouldn’t be returning.
With a couple of exceptions, every single time a kid leaves the football Hogs, you all are unanimous in saying that player wasn’t good enough to be a Hog and/or maybe Pittman let them know they have no future on the team.
Sounds like some of you are being hypocrites to me!


Any idea on when he is announcing today RD?

Narcissistic arrogance has never been a positive image to me. Separate his coaching skill from his teenage girl like appeal to a rockstar and what are you left with? Freeshoes is a media darling. Let’s wait and see how he produces.

Do not.

Thanks for follow up.

So you like Deon, great. Some may think he is “big hat no cattle”, time will tell. The media and PR machines tend to like to crown and anoint however they wish, sometimes for merit and sometimes who knows their reasons?

You have no idea whether I like him or not. I just know hypocrisy when I see it. Muss makes goofy social media videos and pics, runs out on the court during and after games like a cheerleader, scuffles with opposing coaches and behaves like a spoiled brat on the sidelines. But somehow, Prime’s “antics” and “circus” behavior are an issue.