Is Ty Storey really an SEC QB?

I know he was going against a great defense, but he looked totally lost for most of the game. Watching our offense was painful…


I’d be EXTREMELY proud of him. gritty, smart, brave kid with a good arm.

But he gives us no advantage over any other QB in the conference. Vandy’s QB, UNT’s QB, even CSU’s QB-that one night at least-are all significantly better.

Need to upgrade the most important position on the field to have ANY hope of success.


Ty Storey isn’t the only player on the offense, but everyone wants to bag on him just they did on both of the Allen brothers.
Lot of factors to consider.
Tyler Wilson was All SEC one year, the next year not so, due to many factors.

Ty Storey plays QB for the Arkansas Razorbacks, a member of the SEC’s Western Division. Given that both A & B are true, the answer is also true.

If you feel the need to pick on the kid, perhaps a more meaningful question would be how does he compare with the other 13 starting SEC QBs … or perhaps with all the QBs on all 14 rosters.

Another possible question, though admittedly positive in nature, would be: “What would Ty’s stats be if he could QB Alabama’s offense?”

Don’t get me wrong; clearly Ty was unable to lead us to victory this year. But for you to single him out is borderline unfair, if not hateful.

It wasn’t unfair or hateful of the Op.

If you play for the razorbacks, in front of the state, on national television, you are absolutely open to some criticism. That’s the problem, everyone thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to question the players when they either a. Don’t play well, or b. Just aren good enough. You can. You shouldn’t bash them, or make personal attacks, but evaluate and judge their play and talent? Absolutely.

Ty is inferior in all aspects at the qb position. From arm talent, which is very weak, probably a lot to do with a very bad throwing motion. Also in decision making and vision of the field.

He’s not an FBS talent at qb.

Neither are 99 percent of the population, not hateful, just facts.

Nice post Piggus… I think the question in my mind is how would he look if he was playing behind an SEC offensive line… Tom Brady probably wouldn’t look like an SEC QB based on the lack of protection, receivers not making plays/getting separation and at best a questionable running game. I don’t think he’s an All SEC talent by any stretch but he would be much better if anyone of those three other things were there… but they’re not.

I’ll answer the question this way - I think the opposition has had the better QB in every game we’ve played this year except for E. Illinois and Tulsa. LSU’s was not much better, but in my judgement he was better. I think Missouri and Mississippi State will also have better starting QBs than Arkansas. So, out 12 games played we will have been “out gunned” at the most important position on the field 10 out of 12 times.

We need much better QB play in order to win more games. Especially given some of our other deficiencies.

Ty is a great kid, plays hard, and gives it all he’s got on every play. He is not the only one on this team which is remarkable considering the season so far. But, he is not the only one that, while doing all of that, comes up short of where he needs to be for us to compete successfully in the SEC. I don’t judge Ty when the protection gives him no time to throw and he is running for his life, but, when there is an opportunity to make a play, he is just very inaccurate with his passing. This team does not have the quality of protection or wide receivers that will get wide open very often, so passes have to be on the money to get a completion. Ty just throws it behind the receiver over and over, even when he is not pressured and the receiver is wide open. He did it in the spring game and has not gotten any better at it this season. Over and over, the announers are saying “if he had just thrown it in front of the receiver, he would have had a big play.”

He is the best we have right now to put out there and we need to support him, but we will need much better play from our QB in the future for this team to succeed. JMVVVVHO

I don’t think it would matter. The talent isn’t there.

So many missed throws when the receivers do get separation. I know they don’t always get it, but when they do you have to hit t, and week after week we see head scratching throws.

You can paint it how you want. This team has maybe 10 SEC caliber players… and that doesn’t include the starting QB.

I don’t disagree with you… he’s not a great talent… but I think he would look better on a better team… maybe not but it’s just my thought… We definitely need to upgrade to be successful

I don’t think it would matter. The talent isn’t there.

So many missed throws when the receivers do get separation. I know they don’t always get it, but when they do you have to hit t, and week after week we see head scratching throws.

You can paint it how you want. This team has maybe 10 SEC caliber players… and that doesn’t include the starting QB.

I think Ty has a problem on deep throws with throwing the ball at the receiver rather than leading him. That has nothing to do with arm strength and is correctable. I do not think it is a fair to say he has a weak arm when he has made several down field passes on a rope, a few on the last TD drive against LSU. Again if there was soneone better they would be starting. Ty may have been in the program a longer period of time going into the season, but his game experience and time learning the offense was the same as Nolands.

10 SEC caliber players? - name them.
My 10
Offense - Boyd, OGrady, Froholt
Defense - Greenlaw, Harris, Agim, Watts, Pulley
Special Teams - Limpert, Warren

Obviously not all 10 would start for every other SEC Team, but could start for some.

Not disagreeing with you… he misses some throws that he shouldn’t… a lot some games. Just saying he would be “better” if he had more help.

Of course he would look better w better talent around him. Any qb would.

Sec caliber probably not. Seems a fumble and interception every game. He misses the blitz a lot meaning he seems unaware other team is blitzing and where the blitz is coming from, therefore no hot pass to an open receiver. He does not have a cannon for an arm.

Kid is tough and should be commended and praised for trying his best, but the op question was is he sec caliber.

This was my point - he misses reads (according to Coaches) which the QB running this RPO cannot do. I wasnt slamming on the kid, just wondering aloud how much difference better QB play would have impacted this season? Colorado State, North Texas, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt - all likely wins instead of losses.

None of those named would start for any of the teams in the upper half of the SEC. Those teams just have better players at all positions. If Agim could just play defensive end, he might be all SEC but we need him elsewhere and they are free to double team him on every play. Our pair of linebackers are pretty good but there are a bunch of teams with more talented linebackers. O’Grady stands out on offense and Froholdte when he is run blocking, sometimes. To say we have ten SEC caliber players is a real stretch in the majority of those ten above.

Re: Why would Ty
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Postby Clay Henry » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:54 pm

Quarterback is not the problem. It may not be the solution to what ails this team, but it would require Johnny Manziel to lift this offense out of the abyss. I don’t think anyone out there is Johnny Manziel.

What is needed is complete reboot at almost every position on offense. More speed and athletic ability in the offensive line, wide receiver and running back. Rakeem Boyd and Cheyenne O’Grady are exceptions to that.

Who does an SEC defense fear in this group of offensive players. Probably Boyd. That’s it.
Clay Henry
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We were winning the game against Colorado State when Ty was benched, and he did not play against North Texas. Cannot blame those losses on him.