Is tonight a must-win game?

ESPN has a one-minute preview video of tonight’s game on their college basketball page right now. In the video they say that Arkansas does not have a good resume and that this feels like a must-win game.

I thought that we had just about locked up a bid and that tonight’s game was a free shot to improve our seeding (in other words, basically the exact opposite of a must-win game). Are we really that close to falling to the wrong side of the bubble or does this person just have no idea what he’s talking about?


A comment like that says more about the credibility of the speaker than our chances of making the NCAAT. Likewise, ESPN’s 7% chance of us winning tonight says more about the credibility of their model. We’re deservedly a solid underdog, and I’m expecting a loss. However, the notion that we would lose 93 out of 100 is significantly too pessimistic. Their model obviously doesn’t put enough weight on recent trends.

A loss to Florida does not change anything IMO. A win on the other hand is huge and will guarantee a spot in the tourney and help with Seeding (8 or better??).

I do think we need one more win and Georgia will not be an easy out and hope we don’t face Vandy in the SEC tourney either.

Moses could be a big factor tonight and we need him to show the country what he can do.

Yes, we are considered a bubble team. Not sure it is a must win, I personally think we need at least one more win. However, that is in regards to the NCAAT, my opinion on tonight for SEC seeding is yes, it is a must win. If we win out we are on the opposite side of the bracket as KY. Whoever is on the same side as KY (us or USCe) will get them in the semis. I want them in the Finals

No, because losing to Florida on the road would not be considered a bad loss. As long as Arkansas beats Georgia on Saturday, I think the Razorbacks are in the tournament. Winning tonight or making the semifinals in Nashville would clinch it, in my opinion.

It is definitely not even close to a must-win for the NCAA tourney. Must win would imply that if we lose we’re out unless we win the SECT, which is patently ridiculous. We don’t go from being in every single bracket on Bracket Matrix as a consensus #9-seed to out by losing a true road game to a #3-seed. We probably need at most one more win over anybody, if that.

That’s what I was thinking. Hopefully this is just a case of them trying to artificially hype the game by acting like we are on the brink of the bubble.

If you look at the last 4 in and the first 4 out I don’t see any of those teams doing anything to Jump in and put us out!
As for this the game tonight it wont be a blow out. I think the hogs win by 12. It’s time to beat the pretty boys at thier place.
The horrible loss to Misery and Moou is what’s hurting us! Those other teams have the same problem. Beating Florida would be a good win for our team for now and next year! We will be in the big dance.