Is today’s game on

SEC network

Streamed on SECN+.

SECN often does whip-around coverage on last day.

Are the baseball and softball games at the same time?

Softball starts at 1, baseball at 2. They’ll overlap probably by an hour.

To be honest I’m more interested in softball today. DVH is playing the JV and we’ve won the title. Whereas today is the critical game in the softball regional.

Thanks. I was reading different sites seeing 2 PM and realized that one is central (baseball) and one is eastern (softball). A bit confusing, but got it now. Thanks.

I’ve been told today’s baseball game will air on SEC Network Alternate in addition to the online stream.

Are others getting the “technical difficulties” message when trying to stream the softball game?? :rage:

Yes, it’s been in technical difficulties since middle of the 1st. Apparently not an ESPN priority to get it back online.

2-0 Hogs after 2, Malkin 2 run HR it on live stats

Yes I am.

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It’s finally back

Linnie is having a great regional so far

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