Is today a critical press conference in the CCM era?

It could be.

If he gets up and says the typical coach speak about how its all on him and we’ve got to look in the mirror, I think he loses a bunch of fans today.

We’ve heard too many sound bites. The fans are tired of this.

I’m not sure what he has to say but I hope he says if the players that are playing aren’t getting it done, its time to try new players.

what does he need to say to you to convince you he is the right guy today.

Less about what he says, more about how he says it for me.

I just need to see some confidence and passion. What he says doesn’t matter that much. I think he can do it, I need to see that he thinks he can.

He has a tough road ahead of him and I really don’t expect us to win another game based on the talent level that has been displayed on the field these last 2 games. He has to figure out how not to lose the current roster, recruits and the fan base. He’s about to earn his money these next 2 months!!

I’d be just the opposite of that. The worst thing he could do, IMO, is throw the players under the bus. That’s an old HDN tactic. The old “It’s never my fault” reasoning.

He should say things like “I know this offensive system will work. We as coaches must become better teachers. We will sell this system and convince the players it’s going to work, and together we will turn this around.”

He needs to be positive about the reason he was hired (His offensive system and TX recruiting). He needs to let us know that from now on when he gets in the left lane, his car will not be in reverse.

He will lose the players, if he takes this opportunity to throw them under the bus, as you suggested.

In situations like this a true leader takes responsibility, vows to work hard and improve. I think he is a leader and will do just that. He’ll acknowledge mistakes and take responsibility for them. He’ll say he’s going to put the best 22 on the field every game and that the coaches, and himself especially, have to do a better job. I like this coach and staff. The last thing he needs his everyone nitpicking everything he says at a press conference. He’s in for the long haul and we should be as well. WPS!!

There is literally NOTHING Morris can say today that will not piss off fans. Nothing. I am interested to hear it…and will listen…but I know that whatever he says he will piss off some segment of the fanbase.