Is this year or next year rebuilding year?

We seem to have deficiency of O lineman this year and some D holes so maybe this year is more rebuilding year.

But next year we lose all those senior recievers and some big D players and good O lineman in Skipper.

Not sure if this year or next year is the rebuilding one

When you have to ask that question it tells you we’re in trouble. On paper I don’t think next year looks any better minus Morgan Hatcher Sprinkle Ledbetter Wise Skipper Collins Ellis etc.

Do we finish in the middle of the pack or bottom …define rebuilding?

Because we are no way near the top in a long time in this league

It seems we are in this mode every year. If we are ok with it, so be it.

CBB’s fourth year…means that it is now HIS players…RECRUITING MATTERS!!!

This is the best recruiting staff ever assembled at Arkansas.

Perhaps it is not so much rebuilding as upgrades needed at many positions.

I fear this year rebuilding in some obvious ways with O line, but next year we will have lost a lot of seniors and all so a lot of new faces next season.

There are wide receivers on campus who are very talented. They don’t get on the field much ahead of those seniors. I do like Stewart, Pettway, McClure, Tobias, Boateng and Jones. They will be good players. Jared Cornelius will be the big dog in that bunch and do well leading them.

Totally “talking out of school” here, as I have not seen any of the practices or meetings involving this staff and these players, but it might be that it is now time for a little more “chewing on the behinds” with a little less “love” involving what we currently have on hand. (Actually, the former should be an important part of the latter.)

I think without a doubt this is and next year also looks like rebuilding years, offensively and defensively.

Question that needs asking is why, in the fourth year of the current staff leader.

Good guy and all but the staff is just not bringing in the players to compete at a high level. And IMO, winning more than you lose consistently to the the top tier of the conference is competing.

We certainly don’t look capable of doing that this year.


Well fellers, it looked pretty grim at this time last year also. Let’s just wait and see how the remainder of the season plays out. (Yeah, I’ll admit that I do not at this point have a lot of optimism, but I didn’t last year either.)

I will agree with this But the OL was not in question at this point.
Today we are still thinking, like playing checkers on a checker board…

You may term it a building year, but I don’t think it accurate to call it a rebuilding year. Rebuilding indicates that we have had significant success and hope to return. Our last two coaches have not achieved a great deal of success.

Exactly. Two factors are in play. We hit bottom when that motorcycle went into the ditch. The remaining staff failed to recruit & failed to coach. The players played, but played off the field, not on it. CBB had to start from rock bottom. The other factor is the simple fact that it’s always harder for us to recruit at the highest level. Not just Alabama, but LSU, TAMU & several other SEC schools have inherent advantages or had a head start on this staff. (And let’s not forget it’s hard for us to get into Oklahoma & get anyone from OU or OSU). However, if you’re counting Petrino as one of our last two coaches, he had success. I don’t think he’d have sustained it given his personality & the recruits he probably would’ve lost, but nonetheless, he was pretty successful. That’s part of what gives me hope. I think CBB is building a better program. It takes time, but he’s also having to compete against other programs that aren’t standing still, either.

We haven’t been built since Ken Hatfield. Therefore, by Webster’s definition, have been rebuilding since the 80’s. It should be one heck of a team taking 26 years to build…kind of like the Pyramids of Egypt.

The last two coaches I referenced are Bret Bielema and John L. Smith. Neither has been able to record a victory vs. Alabama, Texas A&M or Mississippi State - three of our six division opponents. Both lost to Rutgers. One lost to Toledo while the other lost to Louisiana Monroe, arguably our worst defeat since The Citadel visited Fayetteville.

Our next four games are against formidable teams. Then we finish with two games on the road. 6-6 would be very disappointing in BB’s fourth season. I’m ready to take a step forward, rather than back.

We’re all ready to take a step forward, but if you’re suggesting we change coaches, I strongly disagree that’s the way to do it. The time might come when that’s the only option, but it’s not now.

a poster above alluded to part of the problem but I will re-state it. During the Petrino tenure NOTHING was done without his approval. No assistants did ANYTHING without him. He basically coached offense, defense AND special teams. The players lived in fear and he perpetuated the fear by the relentless cursing, etc. of both player and coach. Think about his last staff here, who wanted those guys. When the bike went in the ditch, so did our recruiting. Those poor assistant coaches couldn’t promise a scholarship to a kid because they were too worried about their own damn jobs and having to move their families. All they did was worry and network. When John L. Smith got here, nice guy, but the inmates ran the asylum. The players partied and ignored each and every rule there was to break. They knew the coaches were gone so they didn’t do a damn thing any of them asked. It was of great concern if there were even enough players academically eligible to hold bielema’s first spring practices!!!

That staff of Petrino’s were handpicked by him to do what he wanted. Steve Caldwell and Tim Horton were the recruiters on that staff. No one had major ties to Texas, Alabama, etc. All were from Montana and played for him and his dad! To say that the cubbard was bare is a major understatement.

Now, Bielema first thought he could pull players from Florida to Arkansas just like he did at Wisconsin. He quickly learned that A, the talent he was getting to Wisconsin was not SEC level and B. it was a lot harder to get those types of players to Arkansas. His best Florida recruiter became a head coach down there in Charlie Partridge. Chris Ash realized it would be really hard and simply went to Ohio St. because who wouldn’t. Each year the staff has been upgraded and become a better recruiting staff. Now the staff has plenty of Louisiana ties and that pipeline is starting to flow. Coach Lunney seems to keep all of the Arkansas kids. Coach Siegrist is beginning to turn some Alabama and Georgia kids are direction. Coach Hargreaves has Houston and Dallas ties that seem to work. Reggie Mitchell has been a staple in Dallas, Chicago and St. Louis. Lets see what he can deliver.

Coach has to allocate scholarships where he can get the best players. No depth at OL when a kid, with no OL experience at all, becomes your FIRST STRING Guard. This is gonna take time.

The foundation is being laid. Smart, academically eligible kids are committing and, as the program grows in discipline and intelligence, so will the production. Always gonna be a bit harder, but, that is Arkansas.

If you don’t think he can get it done, then you have to ask, who is better AND you can hire them. That, my friends is a very short list.

LSU would love to have him and don’t kid yourself about florida St should Jimbo jump to LSU.

This season feels more like rebuilding with having a soph d lineman move to O line and needing a late transfer for our O line as well.

I worry about cubbard being bare on O line recruits on campus but might have some good young guys that need time still I don’t know.