Is this whole social media thing a failed experiment?

I read an opinion column earlier today taking the position it is. Upshot is that companies like Facebook and Twitter merely provide easy access forums — basically unregulated — to create hatred and divisiveness, exacerbated by bots and Russian hackers. I don’t do either Facebook or Twitter, but follow a few Twitter timelines of people whom I consider to be of interest (and who, admittedly, think like me). Then I started thinking about this board over the years. Hell, at times I get red faced mad at fellow Razorback fans here who, like me, just want nothing more but winning, successful football and basketball teams. Ridiculous in retrospect. Unproductive. Razorback athletics should not be a source of divisiveness and anger.

We all are too mad at one another in this country. Social media seems to be the biggest culprit and driver of it. Cable news, of course, contributes too. I’m conflicted about what to do. But I’m honestly considering banning social media from my life, or greatly paring it back. Interested in your views.


There is a certain amount of truth to that. I read Twitter for legitimate news and sports. I tweet Razorback related items, especially during baseball season. Then I tweet scores during the games.

I use Facebook to connect with friends and family. I don’t discuss politics and I don’t believe all that I read. But it has been wonderful to keep in touch with many of the people that I have met through dog shows. The purebred dog community is wonderful and we support each other. However, I ignore the political posts of those in that community. It does no good. I would never change any minds, so why bother.


My advice? Find the parts of social media that are beneficial to you and use those. Eliminate everything else, especially those that irritate you. It’s what I do.

I come to these forums to get Razorback news from the Insiders. I don’t come here to discuss razorback-related issues because most posters aren’t really interested in other opinions; they are more interested in proving why other opinions are not a valid as their “facts.” Indeed, I am responding to your post ONLY because you asked. I would never have offered up my opinion on this … unsolicited.

As for Facebook? I have a private, locked group (mostly family members, some out-of-state friends) where I post information about what’s going on in my life. It’s a great forum for a one-way push of information, period. I don’t use that forum for discussing issues … for the very same reason stated above.

As for Twitter? I neither tweet nor follow those who do.

As for news, I stone-cold stopped watching LIVE television (and internet) news coverage about 10 years ago. It seemed to me that they stopped reporting events and started reporting opinions … the political bias behind everything being reported was appalling.

Discussions concerning Politics/Religion? Never. Period.

It was amazing how quickly after that that I noticed a significant improvement in my physical/mental/emotional health.

Focus on what’s really important in your life (especially those things that make you happy); I suspect you’ll find most social media is NOT.

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I use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family. I’ve unfriended a few that only stir up trouble (typically political). Since we live in Chattanooga it’s been the best way to keep up. Like hawgjawbend I follow a few folks on twitter but don’t tweet much at all.
I was talking to my best friend this week we agreed that not one person changed his/her political beliefs from social media posts.

It’s the world we live in today.

I just saw a funny FB post. It said “Congratulations to the Astronauts for leaving earth today” IT WAS A GOOD CHOICE

When first joined FB back in 2009 or so I thought it was the greatest thing. Connecting with old friends, classmates, family, etc. that had lost touch with for many years. Plus keeping in touch with colleagues in my profession after we went our separate ways through the years.
But the last 4-5 years it has become a political war zone and the daily spewing of discontent helping creat all of this division in our country. I just stay out of that but it’s hard not to read that stuff. The cable news networks all seem to have an agenda on one side or the other.
Like a social civil war right now, hopefully it doesn’t escalate to something more.
I don’t twitter except what I read on here about sports and recruits.

I am in the minority. Socail media is not my thing. Don’t spend any time with it. I don’t know why but I figured that out almost instantly that it wasn’t for me.

I think there is a lot of truth to that. But, like most things, social media can be good or bad. Depends on the user.

I still like Facebook for the reasons several in this thread had stated. I keep up with old friends who I would have otherwise lost touch with (who before Facebook I had lost touch with). Time after time the only way I find out that someone I once knew has passed is Facebook.
If someone just looked at my Facebook post they wouldn’t know the first think about my politics. They probably would know a little, but only a little of my religious views.

After several on here encouraged Twitter, I signed up, followed some Razorback coaches, and some reporters. I guess I don’t know how to uses it right, so far, it has been a dud.

I honestly do think the world would be a better place if the internet had never been invented, but, can’t put that genie back in the bottle!

I do not have a FB or Twitter account and will not. No way am I going to let those folks sell my personal information nor let the world know where I am or what I am doing. Friends and family know how to reach me if they need anything as do any of you on the Board (leave a PM and I will call you - simple. don’t need to tell the world.)

When we went to the Rhine River Cruise last fall, my wife was going to post all of this stuff about where we were and doing etc. I asked why would you want to tell the whole world you are gone and when you will be back - crazy. People that knew us knew where we were and she sent them all of the pictures etc. Who else would really care?


Personally I don’t engage in any social media accounts. As for the media, well, The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone. Our media lacks any integrity or honesty. Total hypocrisy. Agenda/ narrative driven. Sad.



Two comments: Those at Facebook who helped develop the platform are publicly on record saying they wish they had not done it knowing what the impact has been and they deny their own children access to it. Second, studies show it has very high correlation to types of mental illness that expresses it self in anger–not sure if it is the media or people using it not able to manage the exposure to it.

Lot’s positives to it but like every thing it has to be managed and self management is having problems now. Newspapers went through the same process back in it’s startup days.

I watch Fox and CNN “news” and opinion shows for entertainment, and not as a consumer of news. I enjoy a bowl of popcorn and a couple of my favorite 12 oz. beverages and start flipping channels. The "on-scene video reports are many times contrived and staged. like I stated earlier, entertainment only-no news value!

No twitter and very little Facebook. I occasionally wish someone a happy birthday or get well on Facebook.

I will be 85 in August and do not own a mobile device of any kind. I use this device for email 90% of the time and sites like this one for general info. and for specific Razorback info. I used to read some newspapers online but most of them now charge to read and that I will not do.

If I ever get a mobile phone I will never, ever, use the “social sites”

Very smart thinking bob.

I have not been on Facebook or created a Twitter account mainly because, like Coloradohog, I don’t want a lens into my life. One, it’s not that interesting. And what I say about the Hogs on this board and a few other topics is about all you’ll get online from me. Social media posts — Facebook especially — are used all the time in litigation. Really damning stuff. I don’t plan on being involved in any litigation hopefully, but I don’t want my uninteresting life publicly chronicled. Plus, I really don’t want to get involved in online political discussions (anymore, at least — I’ve flown a little close to the sun on this board). Based on my experience here, we tend to say things in print to people that we’d never say face to face. And we say those things without knowing their life experiences and things that shape their views. I know I’m guilty of that. It’s really silly. As someone else said, I’m never going to change anyone’s mind. The arguing for the sake of arguing has gotten ridiculous.

There are a great many well-intentioned journalists who do their jobs the right way every day, just as there are cops, lawyers, doctors, etc. I’m careful to judge an entire profession by its bad actors.

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I probably wouldn’t have certain social media platforms if it wasn’t needed for work. I think what frustrates me most about Facebook and Twitter are the promotions of people I choose not to follow, but are shown to me because I “might be interested.”

I do find social media beneficial in some ways. I have family across the globe and it makes it easy to stay in touch.

Absolutely correct Matt. It is up to each of us to read, view and think, from many different sources, media included. The vast majority of media members — not all — accurately report the news and items of interest. The media has been a huge part of what makes America great. To think it’s across-the-board dishonest or corrupt seems way off base.

There I go again trying to change someone’s mind online.

Speaking of media. It seems to me that our local (for me, central Arkansas) media do a very good job of reporting the news without political bias. That’s ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox local affiliates.

All those same National outlets are reporting virtually all their news with a political bias. Why and how did this get started? It’s been this way for several decades. Is it being taught that way in the universities? Do college journalism professors’ slant on politics indoctrinate their students? Does it come down from the executives at the networks?

I never watch any network national news outlets anymore, only local. On line, occasionally, I’ll look at the national headlines for FOX, CNN, and MSNBC. In the headlines, it’s usually impossible to tell if they are reporting on the same event, they are so slanted politically.

I use twitter and Instagram, mostly for sports and business, I’ll delete/unfollow anyone who constantly likes political views, left or right, including several in-state sports writers. It’s a shame, because I appreciated their sports work, but I don’t care to read what their political views are. As to Facebook, I have an account, but I’ve never used it. It was like twitter and Instagram, I started those to keep up with my kids. As to Snapchat, that’s one I’ve never even bothered to look at.

I’m like Clay. No social media at all. My wife and I communicate with family and friends through phone, emails and texts.