Is this as low as it has ever been?

Thank God you have no say in who is hired…

All I know is all of those coaches are WINNERS. Unlike the one we have.

and do you know WHY they are winners? Because they have PLAYERS. It is that simple man.

Look Belicheck is a great coach, however, is he a great coach or a great coach with Tom Brady. Remember, in Cleveland he was fired.

Now when you have a roster of Players and can’t win THEN you have a coaching problem. Lets build the roster first.

oh and Starkel was good Saturday night BUT coached called two plays that one went for a TD and the other would’ve if Starkel had made the right reads changed Burks alignment on Knox TD and not thrown the wrong way to Woods. That is the reason this coach was playing Hicks. That is a reason for his coaching acumen. We will now see if they can get Starkel up to where he can avoid these mistakes.

To compete successfully on the field in the SEC you have to first compete successfully in recruiting against the SEC. Not just one year, but several years in a row. That is true for any staff. Not just this one.

4&5 stars at every position is the norm at Bama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Florida, & A&M. You want to beat them on the field, you got to beat or match them in recruiting. First, we got to beat or match Mizzou, Ole Miss, MissState, etc. which we have not done at all lately.

Saban failed in the NFL. So did Spurrier. Spurrier was great at UF, good but not great at USC. Orgeron was bad at OM. Right now he looks great. I heard Vince Dooley tell the LRTD club a few years ago he was a great coach & a great playcaller when he had Hershel Walker, but UGA fans will tell you he wasn’t so hot when Hershel wasn’t on the team.

I know coaching is important, but the most important part of being a good coach is getting good recruits. Morris seems to be doing that. Anybody who thinks they know whether he can or can’t coach with the limited experience we have with him has too high an opinion of his own ability to judge coaching talent.

Starkle made a big difference when he came in the game. The rhythm was much better. I have faith in these coaches. They are great recruiters. We need to wait 3 or 4 years to judge their coaching ability. If you want to blame someone blame Bielema and Patrino. Our coaches are working their tails off.

I said when Coach O was hired that he would be an asset to LSU. Many people thought that because he failed at Ole Miss, he would fail there. I had heard him speak at the NWA TD club, and I thought that he had a good grasp of why he failed with the rebnecks. I’ve been convinced since then that if he was given the right opportunity, he would take advantage. So far he has.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this job is too much for Morris. He is Barney Fife trying to be the sheriff of Mayberry. Left lane hammer down? He can’t even find the road. By the way, Arkansas will never be elite until they get sec caliber talent on the line of scrimmage. These 4 star receivers won’t win many sec games until that happens.

Way too early to make that determination.

It is not too early say he is over his head. Just see how he responds after each game. He used cliches that he has heard others use. The way he repeats himself. For example, when he suspended the two players last year for flirting with the other team’s cheerleaders before the game. He kept saying over and over that “this is not what we (meaning he) was about” and that it was unacceptable. He was upset because what they did exposed him as someone who his players did not respect or they would never have done that. He wanted everyone to know that their behavior was not going to be tolerated but he really over did his response. He knew the perception of him as a strong leader had been damaged. In fact, it was not just a perception it was reality that had been exposed.

The football team certainly is not very good now. I think that the Crowe team that lost to the Citadel was not good and Bilema’s first team was bad. Certainly, we have got a long way to go before we are mediocre. For things to get better, we need better players and the coaching staff needs to improve, especially the offensive coaches.

So cliches and repetitive speaking is a sign he’s over his head?

Almost all Power 5 recruiting classes have players rated three-stars and up. And there aren’t that many to go around:

If we judged coaches by the cliche’s they used, none of them would be competent to coach.

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Yes it does. Just like Jeremy Pruitt at Tennessee. Neither one are saying things that inspire others nor or they saying things any smart person will buy when they want you to believe they will get things turned around. When I hear Chad Morris after a loss it sounds like Barney Fife explaining how “he fights the mafia” in Mayberry. Is he really The Barney Fife of college coaching? “Left Lane Hammer Down” - Enough said.